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Accurate real-time and historical traffic insights


Up-to-the-minute insights

Traffic issues have a significant impact on our lives. Incidents and congestion on highways and roads can add uncertainty to travel times, imposing significant costs on business operations and commuters.

Our traffic technologies have been rigorously engineered to provide highly accurate, timesaving traffic information that benefits a variety of industries.

Technical information

Increasing safety and efficiency

Understanding traffic is an important part of mapping, as it helps make journeys safer and more efficient. HERE provides real-time traffic information that is refreshed in one-minute intervals, so that drivers especially concerned with ETAs can be kept fully informed and act accordingly.

Traffic information is color-coded and placed directly on the map. It also includes historical traffic information, showing how traffic usually flows at a particular point on a given day, and incident information, which provides context around a type of incident, when it started, and when it is expected to end. It all comes together to help drivers plan the best route to their final destination.

How Traffic works

Plan a journey

A user provides the starting point and final destination. A route is then created and traffic is considered for further analysis and to provide an accurate ETA.

Check traffic

Based on the desired departure time and day, several traffic options are considered. HERE Real-Time Traffic provides traffic insights for journeys that start right away; historical traffic information helps predict usual traffic flow for accurate pre-trip planning.

Reroute and get ETAs

Regardless of the traffic option chosen, HERE intelligently uses that information to provide more accurate ETAs or other route alternatives that avoid congestion zones.


Precision and intelligence combined

Traffic helps businesses operate more effectively when unexpected events occur. Precision mapping and real-time big data are combined with deep historical insights to provide an industry-leading traffic service.

Highly accurate real-time traffic information

Get the traffic insights you need, exactly when you need them. We collect billions of GPS data points every day and leverage over 100 different incident sources to provide a robust foundation for our traffic services – including vehicle sensor data, smartphones, PNDs, road sensors and connected cars. In addition, our traffic experts monitor incidents as they happen, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Historic and real-time traffic, intelligently integrated

Plan better and save time. We embed real-time traffic information into our intelligent routing algorithms, allowing users to predict current road conditions and get precise ETAs. In addition, historical data informs on previous traffic conditions to help with pre-trip planning. This Information can be provided based on the day of the week, and a time on that desired day.

Comprehensive coverage

Rely on accurate, fresh traffic insights. The Traffic component of HERE Location Services is comprehensive, with services offered across 100% of the roads in the 63 markets we serve. It’s built on our highly accurate map and enhanced by more than 100 incident sources – sophisticated vehicle sensors, national and regional traffic information hubs, road works data providers and our own traffic operations center.

Looking for more guidance?

For more information or to ask any specific questions about Traffic, get in touch with us directly.

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