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Vast POI database with search, discovery and interaction


Going beyond

Latitude and longitude information is sufficient to find someone or something, but not enough to provide context on what is nearby – such as a restaurant, store, coffee shop or mall.

HERE offers a true data representation of what is available in the physical world, presenting POIs that are accurate and deliver meaningful, value-added information.

Technical information

Contextualizing the search experience

When we search for a location, we often don’t just want to know where it is, but what it is. With the Places component of HERE Location Services, POIs come with extensive information and the capability to interact with them in various ways, ensuring consumers get the most out of their search.

Places functions in three distinct ways: search and discover, information, and interaction.

How Places works:

Search with flexibility

A place or POI usually has a name and is subject to categorization – by address, name, type or a combination of all. HERE helps you find where you need to go in three ways: by current position, by category, and within a certain radius.

Get value-added information

For an added layer of detail, Places allows you to get rich information associated with a place, such as contact information, payment methods or website URLs. Interactive media collections can also be added to an application by enabling users to submit reviews, provide ratings and upload pictures.

Interact seamlessly

From click-through functionality to calling a business directly, HERE allows users to interact with a place in one interface. For example, “get me there” is supported by routing calculations and navigation from a selected place to any desired destination.

Key differentiators

Providing value at every turn

HERE provides access to POI search-related capabilities and a vast database, enabling relevant and meaningful search experiences. We take users beyond the “what” and ”where” of locations to provide value before, during and after their visit.

Value-driven data

Incorrect POI data can lead to consumers arriving at the wrong place or having false expectations about what’s there. HERE delivers accurate information that always provides value: it collects POI data from a variety of sources that are vetted to assure locations are correctly matched to context.

Flexible interactions

Make interacting with a place intuitive, efficient and enjoyable. Places provides a set of click-to features that create an immersive experience – navigate to, get information from service provider, call, go to website, email and more. It can all be done directly from the mapping interface.

Extensive POI information

Ensure users find what they’re looking for and get the help they need along the way. POI data is highly accurate to represent address information correctly and accurately – including additional places data, such as opening hours and available services.

Looking for more guidance?

For more information or to ask any specific questions about Places, get in touch with us directly.

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