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HERE Location Services

Solving complex business location needs

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Intelligent location data for better decisions

While mapping platforms become more commoditized, we continue to adopt new technologies to provide location services that support critical business processes. HERE Location Services opens up new opportunities for customers in diverse verticals, such as transport, utilities, logistics, insurance and retail – anywhere in the world.

HERE Location Services is based on one of the strongest mapping platforms in the industry, known for its level of detail, reliability, robustness and flexibility. It gives access to mapping, geocoding, places, routing, traffic, transit, positioning and geovisualization functionalities and out-of-the-box solutions to solve complex location problems such as geofencing, calculating the toll costs for a route, customizing a route and more.

Driving business value through differentiated services

HERE Location Services supports core business processes and operations – regardless of size and use case. Our location solutions help businesses increase safety and efficiency, whether it’s a commercial routing algorithm for long-haul trucks, a view of historical traffic at a specific location, or a precise calculation of fuel or energy needed to reach a destination.

Unmatched flexibility with cloud and self-hosting

HERE Location Services integrates with a range of screens, devices and operating systems through a variety of APIs. In addition, the services can be stored and accessed on privately controlled servers, private cloud infrastructures, or our robust worldwide datacenters. While carrying hundreds of millions of API calls per day, they can accommodate any implementation type and any size traffic.

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Valuable context through geospatial data

Built on our high-quality map and content data, HERE Location Services provides global coverage with local context for a true digital representation of the real world. This is fundamentally important to businesses that rely on location services that are not only accurate but also provide meaningful geospatial context, such as speed limits, current traffic conditions and the road restrictions applicable to different vehicle profiles.


Location innovation for a sustainable competitive advantage

Future-proof intelligent algorithms with richer data

Location data is no longer used for just mapping and visualization, but also for integrating with other data sources, data analytics, modeling and policy-making. For over 30 years, we have been working with key partners to collect and build location data to support these distinct needs. The data is constantly tested, refined and intelligently integrated into our platform, enabling us to create smarter and more sophisticated algorithms that solve critical location problems.

The power of “where” for spatial analysis

Our location services are the foundation for how businesses make sense of the world - mapping where things are, how they relate and what actions to take. Through a set of tools and interactive visualization styles, HERE links to data science by enabling organizations to manage large-scale geospatial datasets, see location data, and perform data analytics visually on HERE maps.

Enabling business transformation for IoT

IoT creates huge amounts of data and opportunities for big data analysis. Our location data and services are a key aspect of any IoT solution, enabling organizations to derive valuable insights that lead to more informed decision-making. HERE can track small, high-value devices that might be subject to varying strengths of Wi-Fi, GPS and cell tower signal.