HERE OTA Connect

Enabling a new level of secure over-the-air software technology


Designed specifically for the automotive industry

Software is at the heart of the modern driving experience, and secure and flexible over-the-air (OTA) technology is critical in leveraging the full potential of connected and autonomous vehicles – anywhere and at any time.

HERE OTA Connect is a highly secure, open OTA software management solution, designed specifically for the automotive industry to transfer data, software and firmware in a cost effective and scalable manner. This technology enables software-based vehicle updates and upgrades that can reduce costly recalls, introduce new on-demand functionality for user satisfaction and pave the way for new revenue opportunities inside of the vehicle.

Technical information

Highly customizable OTA software management solution with seamless integration 

HERE OTA Connect is a full-stack client/server software solution built around the Uptane security framework, featuring a microservice architecture and an open-source core.

The solution, which provides open APIs, give users the ability to create targeted update campaigns, monitor existing campaigns, and securely update map data, software and firmware inside a vehicle.

Built with an agile development process in mind, the highly customizable solution integrates seamlessly into existing server infrastructures and the latest vehicle architectures.

How HERE OTA Connect works:

Flexible on-premise hosting and integration

The client/server solution is designed for on-premise hosting. A flexible microservice architecture allows a customized and seamless integration into the OEM’s back-end infrastructure. Vehicles are OTA-enabled by integrating the OTA client into their existing system.

Comprehensive vehicle management

HERE OTA Connect stores information about each vehicle in the database, such as hardware and software details, as well as the update history. OEMs and fleet managers can create vehicle lists and groups to better understand the health of their fleet, optimize maintenance, maximize utilization, and boost efficiency.

Rapidly deploy and manage global software updates

The campaign management system enables OEMs to install software across an entire fleet, rather than updating vehicles one-by-one. In the event of an error, it is easy to determine the affected group and deploy a targeted campaign to fix the issue.

Advanced security management and software validation

OEMs maintain full control over who can approve software updates and can delegate trust to external suppliers, departments or individuals. For software to be trusted and installed by the car, the system uses a series of online and offline keys.

Real-time monitoring and reporting

When launching a campaign or sending software to a group of vehicles, real-time monitoring provides live progress and the performance updates. Afterwards, reports highlighting issues with updates can be used to subset vehicles based on the error types, and deploy specific actions targeting each error individually.

Our differentiators, your differentiators

Cutting-edge OTA technology from a world-class partner

Whether it’s remotely updating vehicles during a safety recall or exploring new recurring revenue opportunities, HERE OTA Connect reduces costs and enables on-demand functions. Whether permanent or temporary, software-based vehicle upgrades will keep vehicles up-to-date.

Highly secure

To defend against threats, HERE OTA Connect utilizes Uptane, one of the first comprehensive automotive security frameworks available. Supported by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Uptane is a collaboration between researchers, regulators and the automotive industry to design a new standard for secure OTA updates.

Openly flexible

Modular, expandable and built on open standards and open source to ensure businesses have unlimited freedom to integrate and migrate data as they see fit. It is an agile solution for the mobility industry and companies looking to minimize risk and reduce liabilities.


HERE provides OEMs the means and control levers to design next-generation revenue models and services, while also meeting the growing privacy needs and in-vehicle experience customers expect.


Developed according to the high standards of the automotive industry, HERE OTA Connect is a reliable, requirements-focused solution for connected vehicles. With a leading position in associations like GENIVI and Automotive Grade Linux, HERE continues to integrate innovative ideas into new products.

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