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The path to a driverless future

As vehicles become more automated, the need to trust the technology behind the wheel is crucial. HERE Highly Automated Driving (HAD) is our way of making autonomous driving not just a reality, but also a safer and more human-friendly experience.

As leaders in location technology, HERE is at the forefront of leveraging artificial intelligence to produce the mapping solutions needed for autonomous driving.

A safer driving experience

With more information about the road and what lies ahead such as slope and curvature, speed limits and road signs, lane markings and barriers – HAD systems can make smarter engagement and disengagement decisions that leads to safer driving experiences.

Building trust with reliable data

Drivers not only need to trust smart vehicles to make the right decision, they need to also trust that vehicles have the best information available. With self-healing technology, HERE maps are always fresh so smart vehicles can allow for proactive maneuvering decisions.

More awareness, more comfort

The more information vehicles have, the better decisions they can make. With contextual awareness that goes beyond on-board sensors, passengers can sit back and relax, and enjoy their journey knowing their vehicle understands its environment.


Driving innovation with location-based intelligence

Keeping cars in the know with highly accurate and up-to-date maps

HERE provides autonomous vehicles with enterprise-grade maps created through an industrial capture process that provides relative map accuracy down to centimeter precision. But a map for autonomous vehicles demands a new kind of requirement, one that is continuously updated. HERE offers an innovative “self-healing” map by leveraging crowdsourced sensor data to continuously verify and update changes to the HD map in near real-time.

Driving innovation with location-based intelligence

Flexible, scalable and reliable: Our road standards

HERE strives to make products that are open and easy to use, that’s why we make our integration simple and flexible. Our mapping technology is deployable in vehicles today supporting connected ADAS use cases in addition to highly automated vehicles, so we can reach more people more easily with in-vehicle compatibility.

Driving innovation with location-based intelligence

A portfolio ready for the future

HERE architected solutions to enable an evolution towards future proof next generation platforms. Seamless integration between Standard and HD mapping layers allows for cross-referencing between software and services to support lane-level navigation, driver warning information, C-ADAS use cases and automated driving functionality. With scalable HERE automotive products and services, HERE is the partner of choice for the future.


Precision, made possible

Highly Automated Driving

HERE HD Live Map

The most intelligent sensor for autonomous driving.

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