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HERE Road Signs

Extending driver vision beyond the horizon


What if cars could alert themselves of changes on the road?

Speed has always been a key risk factor in road traffic injuries. As a result, regulatory bodies have been seeking for ways to increase safety on the roads and are constantly introducing new traffic laws and signage.

Keeping up to date with these changes is a major issue and HERE Road Signs has come to the rescue with the power of crowd-sourced sensor data, providing fresh access to real-time traffic signage information to keep in-vehicle maps up to date with local regulations and drivers informed on the road.

Technical Information

HERE Road Signs: Under the hood

HERE Road Signs is a cloud service delivering layers of up-to-date traffic signage information to connected cars, giving road users the real-time data needed to prepare for changes along their journeys.

HERE is the first in the industry to maintain the freshness of the map based on anonymized rich vehicle sensor data, pooled across multiple car brands. Drivers are then able to rely on accurate, fresh information, fed through their infotainment units, or consumed directly by connected ADAS applications. 

How the service works: 

Sign detection

Once a vehicle’s front camera detects a road sign, it shares the captured value of the road sign with the cloud.

Cloud processing

In the cloud the data is analyzed and once the updated road sign value is validated by input from other road users, an incremental map update tile is created.

Service delivery

Whether it is the driver controlling the speed of the vehicle, or a connected ADAS application, the service will update the cars who are in the affected area with the latest map tiles to drive according to the local traffic regulation.

Our Differentiators, Your Differentiators

No signs unseen

HERE Road Signs makes sure no traffic sign goes unnoticed, equipping drivers with the information they need to stay safe on the road. The service has been engineered for the future and utilizes vehicle sensor data for automated map maintenance, setting the foundation for highly automated and eventually autonomous driving.

Higher Euro NCAP scores

Any Speed Limit Information Function, be it camera or map based or a combination of both, is eligible for Euro NCAP scoring points. With HERE Road Signs, speed limits get updated on a daily basis, enabling OEMs to achieve higher Euro NCAP scores.

A first for safety

Most accidents and fatal crashes are a result of speeding error. With quick and contextual access to speed limit information directly in their car, drivers are better equipped to drive responsibly, and safely.

Coverage, far and wide

Across all geographies, even the largest OEMs can’t achieve the volume of data required for automotive-grade services. Aggregating data from multiple OEM brands enables HERE to provide robust, global coverage.

Quicker change detection

With traditional map-making processes in place, drivers used to visit their dealerships once per year to get map updates installed in the navigation systems. Now with HERE Road Signs, the freshest road signage information gets delivered to drivers over the air, removing the need for cumbersome manual map-update processes.

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