HERE Parking

Easing the search for parking


Applying data science to find parking  

Sometimes arriving at a destination isn’t the end of a journey. In a busy area with limited parking, finding a spot can add considerable time and stress onto the end of a trip.

HERE Parking is a connected service that makes finding a spot faster and easier, by letting drivers decide where they’ll have the best chance of finding on-or-off street parking in advance.

Technical Information

HERE Parking: Under the hood  

HERE Parking is made from our On-Street and Off-Street Parking RESTful APIs to give drivers a complete view of their parking options.

The On-Street Parking API uses both historical and real-time data to predict where a driver is most likely to find a parking spot, how long they’ll be searching and what restrictions may apply.

The Off-Street Parking API adds the availability of nearby parking facilities with pricing, restrictions and other useful information drivers need when choosing a spot.

How the service works:

Data collection

From HERE TRUE vehicles collecting data from on-street parking zones and off-street parking garages, to aggregating data from parking service providers and city authorities, to pooling historical data from connected cars, we’re building the most comprehensive parking service on the market.

Data analytics

To ensure quality, the captured data is analyzed to remove any duplicate POIs. We differentiate between garage entrances for cars and pedestrians, we use historical data from connected cars in order to create on-street time-to-park estimates and parking availability index, showing the likelihood to find parking spots.

Real-time availability

In addition to relying on static and historical data, the HERE cloud captures information about free parking spots both on-street (using data captured by vehicle or road sensors) and in parking garages in real-time.

Our Differentiators, Your Differentiators

Parking, streamlined 

Parking doesn’t need to be complicated, unpredictable or stressful. HERE Parking is data-rich, so drivers have the best parking information at their disposal, and OEMs have the best value to offer their customers.  

Parking, personalized

With time, HERE Parking learns drivers’ preferences for off-street parking options (price versus walking distance), to deliver the most relevant options to drivers as they reach their destination. HERE enables OEMs to differentiate their brand and offer more personalized navigation experiences to their customers.

A more economical way to park

HERE Parking helps drivers save money by displaying pricing information directly in their vehicles. By predicting where spots are available, drivers spend less time, and gas, circling around. The service also notes parking regulations for a given area, helping drivers avoid rule violations.

Robust coverage, and still growing

Being a parking data aggregator, HERE is striving to increase the coverage of its parking service for its automotive customers. Currently available in Europe, Americas, APAC countries, our coverage keeps growing day by day.

Plan journeys more efficiently

Drivers often know their ETA but what they tend to forget is the estimated time it will take to park at their destination. Our historical time-to-park estimates help to improve that, enabling drivers to be more efficient.

Looking for more guidance?

For more information or any specific questions about our Automotive offering, ask us directly.

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