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HERE location platform facilitates data exchange in European Data for Road Safety ecosystem

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2 December 2020

  • HERE helps drive Data for Road Safety initiative forward as a key location technology provider
  • Initiative to improve European road safety moves from PoC to long-term deployment
  • Ecosystem partners can leverage HERE Marketplace and HERE Workspace

December 2, 2020

Amsterdam – HERE Technologies, the leading location data and technology platform, and a key location technology provider for of the Data for Road Safety initiative, today announced that it will play a central role as Access Interface Provider and Data Aggregator as the project transitions from proof of concept (PoC) phase towards long-term deployment of a safety-related traffic information (SRTI) ecosystem. The SRTI ecosystem is designed to warn drivers about dangerous driving conditions on roads. Consisting of public and private partners, the ecosystem is responding directly to EU Delegated Regulation 886/2013. HERE already supported the PoC phase (2019/2020) and joined the EU Data Task Force (EU DTF) in 2017.

The Data for Road Safety initiative is aimed at bringing SRTI to road users across Europe; it involves pooling safety-related data from multiple sources, including road infrastructure and different brands of vehicles, and making it accessible to all ecosystem partners. The ecosystem partners already include automakers such as BMW AG, Ford Motor Company, Mercedes-Benz AG and Volvo Cars, road traffic authorities, member states and location technology providers, all committed to the long-term exchange of data for safer roads (see for a full list of partners).

Today’s announcement also sees the signing of a renewed and extended multi-party agreement (MPA) by the partners, providing the legal foundation for years to come. By signing the MPA, HERE is demonstrating its solid commitment to advancing road safety worldwide. Furthermore, HERE is contributing to the EU’s ambition of moving close to zero fatalities and serious injuries in road transport by 2050, as announced in the EU Commission’s road safety policy framework for 2021-2030.

The fundamental role for HERE as Data Access Interface Provider and Data Aggregator is to aggregate and harmonize the data, applying the extended vehicle and neutral server model. The HERE location platform provides the required infrastructure which enables seamless data exchange amongst partners of the initiative. HERE Marketplace, a secure, neutral and scalable marketplace, facilitates easy data exchange and HERE Workspace allows for real-time processing of datasets to the cloud. HERE invites all partners to onboard onto the HERE location platform, and as a result, partners will get the opportunity to learn how to navigate the HERE location platform and leverage data services for other use cases going forward.  Moving forward, the Data for Road Safety initiative is open to all parties that share the joint ambition to improve road safety across Europe.

Giovanni Lanfranchi, CTO and SVP Development, HERE Technologies, said: “HERE has long supported the idea that data sharing and open exchange is crucial for the enhancement of road safety. Through partnering with industry leaders and public sector on the Data for Road Safety initiative and by providing our partners with seamless data exchange via the HERE location platform, we hope to be able to play a significant role in making European roads safer for all.”



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