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Cost-effective ways to help maintain and improve infrastructure

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Tools to maintain evolving cities

Maintaining infrastructure is a critical component of city management.

Cities must keep citizens safe. Old infrastructure and roads that were built decades or centuries ago need to accommodate increasing populations, but examining these aspects of a city in person is difficult, costly and time consuming.

Cities need intelligent, efficient and safe ways to manage their infrastructure. With intelligent real-world data visualization and analysis from HERE, cities can gain visibility and contextual awareness into real environments, providing city personnel with the right information to make timely decisions.

Key differentiators

Increase efficiency

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Increase efficiency

Reduce the transportation costs and emissions associated with traveling to physical locations with remote access to our highly precise visualization, mapping and measurement solutions.

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Improve decision-making

Shift from reactive maintenance of city infrastructure assets to preventive and predictive maintenance. It’s made possible by visualizing and analyzing inputs from low-cost, location-enabled sensors.

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Optimize workforces

Equip city engineering and maintenance personnel with mobile apps that use augmented reality and advanced positioning capabilities to optimize job routing, navigation and the identification of assets.

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Learn why HERE ranked #1 in Omdia's Location Platform Index.

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How our clients achieved success

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HERE offers cities cost-effective ways to help maintain and improve infrastructure.  Join us.