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Putting citizens first

Crafting efficient cities with HERE

Over half of the world’s population currently lives in urban areas. This is projected to increase to two-thirds by 2050, equaling an influx of 2.5 billion people over the next three decades. With this comes increased pressure for cities to improve their citizens’ quality of life and build revolutionary new services that solve the challenges of the future.

Our vision at HERE is to be the trusted thought leader, partner and location platform for cities and governments in creating interconnected cities of the future. Our mission is to unlock and combine vast amounts of fragmented data, and turn it into valuable services and solutions that improve quality of life and enhance the way we live, move and interact. 

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20,000 road works - HERE solutions in Hamburg

Key differentiators

Solving complex city challenges

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Improve planning

Gain an understanding of your road network, including traffic and flow, to plan road infrastructure changes and upgrades. Use high-quality data to make trustworthy decisions for roadway maintenance and growth.

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Relieve congestion

Use our historical and real-time traffic data to predict, manage and plan future traffic conditions to relieve congestion and improve productivity.

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Increase safety

Manage the load on your road network and how this affects safety with HERE traffic services, which includes car sensor data to provide a rich understanding of incidents, accidents and advisories.

Ovum Location Platform Index 2019

The relative strengths and weaknesses of each location vendor including data, enablers and features, and why HERE cements its position as the location industry leader.

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Success stories

VIA and HERE help to make the roads safer

With more vehicles on the roads, we’re seeing an increase in the number of road accidents. Things can be made a lot safer with the correct use of data though, and VIA, a Dutch company and HERE partner, has been developing software to make it easier to understand traffic conditions.

Thinking cities

Discover the era of the Autonomous World.

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HERE Real-Time Traffic

Live traffic data to help drivers outsmart traffic and find faster, safer routes

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HERE Traffic Analytics

Rich location intelligence for more effective traffic management

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HERE Map Data

Map Data is the foundation of the Reality Index

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We’re easing traffic congestion and making cities smarter. Join us.