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HERE Cellular Signals

Visualize and compare cellular coverage to prioritize network investment, understand your competitors and improve operations

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Gain a competitive network advantage

To move fast in 5G, you need to prioritize your network investment. But building one that’s cost-effective and future-proof is challenging.

HERE Cellular Signals provides multiple layers of rich data that shows how end users experience their cellular connection.

It identifies the strongest signal by cell tower in a ‘polygonal’ configuration, helping you prioritize network investment and planning. 

With valuable insights into carriers, coverage and interface, see how you compare to your competitors and tailor your marketing and expansion efforts accordingly.

HERE Cellular Signals also helps your fleet stay connected by informing your drivers in real time about unexpected events, reducing delays, increasing customer satisfaction and improving efficiency.

Improve your cellular network performance

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Remove gaps in coverage

Identify weak spots in your cellular coverage to improve service and prioritize where to make your network investments.

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Understand your competition

See and compare all available networks and get insights on the strongest signal in an area. Deploy your expansion strategy at the city or neighborhood level based on competitor performance.

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Enhance operational efficiency

Keep drivers and dispatchers connected even through poor coverage areas to inform them of unexpected changes such as new destinations and stops, or bad weather.

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Discover how HERE Cellular Signals gives you a competitive advantage.

Developer benefits

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Depth of coverage

Get aggregated information from cell towers on the serving cellular area in a polygonal representation. Neighboring cell towers can also be identified.

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Broad data sources

Gain in-depth, quantitative insight from cell data, Wi-Fi hotspots and GPS coordinates, engineered into separate data layers. 

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Multiple attributes

Add depth to your build with a wide range of attributes, including coverage area, cellular frequency, band and optimal signal. 



Learn more about HERE Cellular Signals product features and how it helps predict connectivity, identifying areas of optimal coverage to support voice communication and data uploads/downloads.

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Discover how HERE Cellular Signals gives you a competitive advantage.