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HERE HD Live Map

Intelligent sensor data for autonomous driving solutions

HD Maps

Trusting autonomous driving with intelligent HD maps

As we move into the era of autonomous driving and vehicles, safety and comfort are the key challenges to address. Our aim is to replicate the human driving experience and build your trust – as a driver, passenger and pedestrian.

There are many critical pieces to the autonomous driving puzzle. The autonomous vehicle needs to understand its precise positioning, plan beyond sensor visibility, possess contextual awareness of its environment and have local knowledge of the road rules.

Whether it's matching your needs or your customer's needs, HERE Connected Vehicle Services and Open Location Platform offer a wide range of products and services powered by HERE HD Live Map.

animated road
HERE HD Live Map

See how the self-healing map is paving the way to autonomous driving

Building driver trust with the most intelligent and reliable solution

Convertible car interior, with HERE electronic Horizon graphical overlay

Scalable, open and flexible

Whether it’s matching your needs or your customer needs, HERE Connected Vehicle Services and Open Location Platform offers a wide range of products and services that, with HERE HD Live Map, provide the most flexible solutions.

Two lane highway through city, with HERE HD Live Map graphical visualization

Enhance safety and driver trust

Safety comes first on the road. To help a self-driving vehicle make more informed decisions about its driving strategy, the Quality Index-unique to HERE HD Live Map – uses machine learning to validate map data against the real world in real time.

Expand into new markets

As a global solution that can sustain global product roll-outs, HERE is a partner to grow with. Our global map data lets you build reliable and scalable solutions for your current and future customers with an extensive location-based database.

Experience reliability

Vehicles rely on the most recent data to inform their driving decisions. Our self-healing map analyzes data from multiple sources, such as satellite imagery and sensors from OEM fleets in real-time, allowing our maps to always stay fresh and reliable.

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With scalable solutions plus flexible implementation, allowing you to reach new markets and raise customer safety, we're redefining the driving experience.

Product applications

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Making sense of the road ahead

How HERE HD Live Map works

building the foundation

Building the foundation

The base map is the foundation of HERE HD Live Map. Captured via a highly precise industrial process using our HERE True Vehicles equipped with LiDAR, collecting 28TB of data everyday – with accuracy down to centimeters.

ingestion via crowd

Ingestion via the crowd

Using crowdsourced vehicle sensor data, we collect drive paths, lane markings and more. Combined with multiple data sources like satellite imagery helps us maintain a fresh HERE HD Live Map.

map learning in the cloud

Map learning in the cloud

Vehicles differ in size, sensor set-up and drive path. These variations result in many observations of the same roadside objects. The machine (map) learning of HERE aggregates this varying sensor data to determine the precise location of roadside artifacts.

Under the hood

HERE HD Live Map is a cloud-based service that supports connected ADAS and highly automated driving solutions.

Comprised of various tiled layers that are highly accurate and updated through multiple data sources, the layers are logically structured into Road Model, HD Lane Model, and HD Localization Model.



The most intelligent sensor for autonomous driving.

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