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Seleta Reynolds

Is adaptability the future of transportation?

As part of our New Reality series, Seleta Reynolds of Los Angeles DoT, discusses how location technology can transform urban streets into spaces that adapt to a city’s needs.

The New Reality

A future enabled by location technology, today

In this four-part series, HERE collaborates with four thought-leaders to explore the rapidly growing impact of location technology on four critical topics: smart cities, transportation, mobility and data monetization. Hear their ideas and views on the opportunities it is opening up for urban environments, and the businesses and governments who serve them.

The transportation system itself – its very design – can contribute to you feeling connected to your community or feeling isolated.

Seleta Reynolds. GM for the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation


Seleta Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience in transportation, in both the public and private sectors, and is passionate about using location technology to transform cities’ out-dated transport infrastructures. She believes the new reality of urban transport is a system designed to continually adapt to how it is being used by its citizens.

Leen Balcaen

How is HERE making this a reality?

Balcaen and her team at HERE are exploring how location technology and real-time data services, can help cities address critical transportation challenges such as congestion, pollution, safety and increased demands on infrastructure as populations expand.

In a collaboration with five European cities, Balcaen’s Cities team at HERE has been able to bring together data from the public and private sector to create real-time understanding of traffic, predict scenarios and even inform drivers in any moment of what is happening in the city around them.

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HERE’s SOCRATES 2.0 program (System of Coordinated Roadside and Automotive Services for Traffic Efficiency and Safety) demonstrates how urban transport challenges can be solved with data.

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In Copenhagen, HERE has created a detailed digital real-time image of the infrastructure and traffic through the exchange of data from road authorities, service and mobility providers.

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With Hamburg’s open data platform and HERE’s Reality Index™, we are helping to create an intelligent transport system that addresses air quality, travel times and road safety issues.

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Working with VIA in the Netherlands, we aim to reduce road accidents by half, by using HERE Traffic Analytics to capture speed and traffic flow data, and make road safety management recommendations to local authorities.

Let's create your new reality

Through a unique combination of data and services, we will partner with you to create value with location technology. To learn more about how HERE can enable new opportunities for your business, contact our team, or read more about our infrastructure solutions.

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