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Professor Julian Agyeman

Can fairer access create more inclusive cities?

As part of our New Reality series, Professor Julian Agyeman of Tufts University shares his views on a future where urban mobility enabled by location technology creates better livelihoods for everyone.

The New Reality

A future enabled by location technology, today

In this four-part series, HERE collaborates with four thought-leaders to explore the rapidly growing impact of location technology on four critical topics: smart cities, transportation, mobility and data monetization. Hear their ideas and views on the opportunities it is opening up for urban environments, and the businesses and governments who serve them.

I want to see innovation for livelihoods, not for lifestyles.

Julian Agyeman. Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University


Author and Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy at Tufts University, Julian Agyeman, is the originator of the ‘Just Sustainabilities’ concept – the intentional integration of social justice. His background in science and social science, combined with experience in local government, consulting for NGOs and guiding community organisations, give him a unique perspective. Agyeman sees a future where cities use location technology to aid social equity and improve the lives of the disadvantaged.

Karen Janssen

How is HERE making this a reality?

Janssen and her team are redefining the mobility landscape through location technology.

She explains that the HERE Urban Mobility index was designed specifically to capture a holistic, global view of mobility across four key themes in 38 key cities: liveability, sustainability, innovation and affordability.


Through vision and innovation, Janssen’s team works to identify opportunities, develop concepts and prototype new experiences. She believes the location intelligence gained through HERE’s Open Location Platform is identifying the critical insights and new patterns that will ultimately lead to better mobility for everyone.

icon mobility

HERE is democratizing the world of mobility by creating products that set a new standard of equality for all players in the mobility ecosystem.

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The HERE Open Mobility Marketplace aggregates all available urban transportation options in real-time, giving users the freedom to choose how they get from A to B.

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Our SoMo app showcases how the Mobility Marketplace can be used to make ride sharing easy and social – merging mobility and sociability.

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With NVIDA, HERE is developing the cutting edge of self-driving technology, with HERE HD Live Map intelligent mapping and advanced localization modeling.

Let’s create your new reality

Through a unique combination of location data and services, we’re able to partner with you to create a new tomorrow. To learn more about how our scalable solutions can help your business, contact our team, or read more about our mobility services.

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