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John Ellis

Can we take control of our own personal data?

As part of our New Reality series, data expert John Ellis explores a future where we not only take control of our own data, but monetize it.

The New Reality

A future enabled by location technology, today

In this four-part series, HERE collaborates with four thought-leaders to explore the rapidly growing impact of location technology on four critical topics: smart cities, transportation, mobility and data monetization. Hear their ideas and views on the opportunities it is opening up for urban environments, and the businesses and governments who serve them.

Think of privacy as a product that an individual has the right to sell or not to sell – that might be how we ultimately handle the issue of privacy.

John Ellis. Author, Futurist and big data expert.


Author of The Zero Dollar Car – a book that introduces the concept of trading our personal data for money, John Ellis is a respected Futurist with expertise in data and its potential to transform lives and industries. He believes privacy could become a product that has great value not only to individuals, but also to businesses, which we are able to trade – or not – as we wish.

Sanjay Sood

How is HERE making this a reality?

Sood and his team are driving the new reality of data and autonomous transport, through location technology. He explains that when data is being collected, there are real privacy issues – something HERE takes seriously with the Open Location Platform.

HERE believes data needn’t be ‘owned’. HERE’s Open Location Platform has the potential to perform the role of trusted intermediary, helping businesses unlock the value of data, while also respecting our customer’s ownership of their data.

OLP icon

HERE’s Open Location Platform offers a secure, neutral and scalable marketplace that can bring value by enabling the exchange of location-centric data.

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Collaboration is essential to enable the data infrastructure required for automated cars. HERE’s self-healing HD Live Map, powered by the Open Location Platform, can play a critical role in facilitating this.

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Verimi – the single sign-on identity platform in which HERE is an investor – proves how a cross-industry initiative can help people manage their data and privacy.

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HERE location solutions allow businesses to craft delightful, location-focussed campaign experiences that give consumers a compelling reason to share their location data.

Let’s create your new reality

Through a unique combination of location data and services, we’re able to partner with you to create a new tomorrow. To learn more about how our scalable solutions can help your business, contact our team or learn more about the Open Location Platform.

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