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This is the New Reality

Explore a new perspective through the eyes of four of the world's most respected thought-leaders.

In this four-part series, HERE collaborates with renowned industry experts to look at how location technology is forcing businesses and governments to face a New Reality.

The New Reality

A future enabled by location technology, today

Can data make cities more human? Can fairer access create more inclusive cities? Can we take control of our own personal data? We ask four thought-leaders to share their perspectives on the impact of location technology on future-critical topics: smart cities, transportation, mobility and data monetization.

Carlo Ratti, Selata Reynolds, John Ellis and Julian Agyeman explore the opportunities available not just tomorrow, but today, as they open our eyes and minds to the New Reality for urban environments and the societies within them.

Edzard Overbeek

The view from HERE

Edzard Overbeek, CEO of HERE Technologies, shares his vision of the New Reality.

Few very privileged people have all the benefits of technology. We want location technology for everyone at a global level.

Edzard Overbeek, CEO, HERE Technologies


As HERE Technologies' leader, Overbeek believes location technology can make every aspect of business, cities and society more efficient and more equal. Rather than remake our cities from the ground up, he sees great opportunity in location technology to create real value for companies and governments.

Overbeek and HERE are looking to make every part of the world more intelligent, using location data and services to create a real-time mirror of the world, that can power the smart cities of the future.

Let's create your New Reality

Through a unique combination of data and services, we will partner with you to create value with location technology. To learn more about how our scalable solutions can enable new opportunities for your business, contact our team.

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