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New Mobility Services

Shaping future mobility businesses and experiences

Enhancing new mobility businesses

Develop capabilities to boost operational efficiency and deliver a frictionless experience to users.

New mobility organizations are scaling to provide on-demand services across global markets while also overcoming challenges around reducing operational costs and improving the user experience.

Car-sharing, ride-hailing and other mobility businesses need greater operational efficiency and user-centric applications. Using location intelligence, mobility providers can balance operational expansion with effectiveness while maintaining high-quality and price-sensitive services.

HERE helps create value by offering products, platforms and services that enable the development of the new capabilities, insights, and operations needed by mobility providers.

Transform mobility experiences with location intelligence

  • Create accurate ETAs with real-time traffic
  • Offer comprehensive routing
  • Offer services in new markets
  • Gain rich places and POI information
  • Public transport data
  • Indoor maps for pedestrian routing
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New Mobility Services

Deliver a new approach to mobility

Key advantages

3 ways to enhance mobility services

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Frictionless UX

HERE can help you delight and engage consumers. Create technology that seamlessly combines multiple mobility features in a single solution. Leverage location intelligence to develop personalized and customizable applications based around the needs of the user.

Consumer preferences will be key in the future urban mobility revolution.

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Optimize operations

Urban mobility services are projected to surpass $200 billion by 2024.

Utilize applications, platforms and mapping content from HERE to aid scalability and improve time to market. Leverage sophisticated technology for fleet planning and trip analysis to help with cost reduction and service efficiency.

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Leading and sustainable tech

Accelerate development of your services portfolio and maintain technical supremacy through use of the world’s most complete location platform. Leverage rich contextual data and complementary technologies in a one-stop development environment to create new digital experiences and enhance existing mobility features.

Shared mobility services promise to transform transportation and urban living.

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Partners in success

A Chief Product Officer’s Journey into Smart Mobility

Meet Jamie Allison, CPO of FordPass. As consumer demands for new mobility services are shifting, see how Jamie harnesses location intelligence to create experiences by bringing people and technology together.

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