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What sets the new HERE services apart from Waze and others

What sets the new HERE services apart from Waze and others

Following the announcement of the new services from HERE, we thought we’d take a look at what makes them unique, and how the ability to pool data from multiple OEMs makes the offerings stand out from the crowd.


With the new HERE services drawing comparison to current collaboration-based offerings, including Waze, we spoke with Matthias Mohlig to see what makes the new services so special, and why they represent a turning point for data-driven insights in the automotive industry.

Matthias, who heads up product management for automotive services at HERE says:

“While collaboration plays a huge part in each of these services, the difference between them is significant. HERE services are driven by data pooled from the vehicles, using scaled probe data and highly accurate, rich vehicle sensors, ensuring that the data is up-to-date, and reliable.”

“Other offerings on the market, while useful, are pooled from community data – this means that it is editorialised, meaning that, in some instances, useful information may be missing, late or even incorrect. By using only automatically generated vehicle sensor data, our services not only capture all relevant signals, but do so without needing drivers to interact with a mobile device in a potentially unsafe way.”

Serving up quality

So, what does this approach mean for each of the new HERE services?

Matthias says, “While the goal of our services and other offerings is similar – offer constantly updated information on traffic conditions – the quantity and accuracy of the HERE data sets it apart.”

“While other services use similar algorithms to detect and notify of traffic congestion, the HERE data is collected from sensors which are more accurate than GPS data, which is often relied upon. That, for example, allows us to detect traffic jams on a specific lane.”

It’s a similar story with HERE Hazard Warnings. While services like Waze rely upon users to opt to share information on potential hazards, the HERE approach leverages rich vehicle data from camera or anti-lock brake sensors provided by three major auto makers, helping to ensure highly reliable, up-to-the-minute detail on potential dangers the driver may face.

The quality of data is also the differentiator with HERE On-Street Parking and HERE Road Signs. With GPS data, other offerings deliver approximations of speed limits on the roads. HERE data, instead, is accurate enough to provide exact speed limits, which are continuously updated.

Matthias stresses how this will play an important part in autonomous features: “If you’re using adaptive cruise control, you want to be sure that the car is absolutely sure of the speed limit on each road, otherwise this could result in fines or even accidents.”

“Would you really trust a car to speed up and slow down autonomously if the data used wasn’t necessarily accurate?”

Trust issues

The strength of the HERE services lies primarily in its trustworthiness. Matthias explains:

“When you use services that rely upon people’s collaboration, you have to really believe that the community is delivering the best, most accurate information at all times. This requires a leap of faith, and hope that everything is picked up and reported by other drivers, otherwise you could be in for some surprises.”

“With the HERE services, incidents picked up by vehicle sensors and, as a result, is highly trustworthy. Data collected by the sensors of three of the world’s top quality automakers ensures automotive-grade services, which can be relied upon both by drivers and the creators of autonomous vehicles.”

Indeed, trust is an issue that needs to be addressed both now, and for the bright future of the autonomous car.

Matthias adds, “If autonomous cars are to succeed, you need to trust your vehicle. We are in the position to do this because we are harnessing the best, most accurate data.”

Do you have any questions regarding the new services? Let us know in the comments below.

See it for yourself

The new HERE services we recently announced are being demonstrated at the Paris Motor Show until October 16. Visit the HERE booth on the Central Aisle, Pavilion 3.

Jamie Stevenson

Jamie Stevenson

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