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Three ways HERE and SAP help developers, drivers and fleet managers

Three ways HERE and SAP help developers, drivers and fleet managers

We've been working with SAP for quite some time and today we're happy to announce that if you're developing with SAP software you can soon use our innovative location and tracking technology.

Built on the HERE Open Location Platform, we recently introduced HERE Tracking as service that combines several capabilities and technologies to deliver an easy-to-integrate, customizable tracking solution. So for enterprises and individuals alike, the loss of value, inefficiency and frustration of lost, stolen and misrouted items could someday itself vanish.

With this tool, when you're using the SAP Global Track and Trace solution you can take advantage of real-time, low-energy, high-accuracy technology to track goods across the supply chain, indoors and outdoors.

Embedded, intelligent location services help increase productivity and efficiency: with the HERE Open Location Platform it's possible to optimize fleet routing based on real-time and predictive traffic, real-time tracking and post-trip analysis.

This is why we're also planning to integrate several of our location services into SAP Transportation Management, a software that enables enterprises to manage their global and local shipping activities across all transportation modes and industries.

But there's more. Drivers will soon more easily find and navigate to the closest gas station or parking spot, authorize payments electronically, activate gas pumps and open parking gates. We're in fact planning to integrate SAP Vehicles Network into our products to enable connected parking solution for automotive, mobility and fleet management customers.

Pino Bonetti

Pino Bonetti

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