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September 2023 Platform Release Notes

HERE platform Release notes Sep 2023

Volatile storage encrypted by default

Volatile storage is now encrypted by default. Volatile storage was not previously encrypted for performance reasons. With this release, encryption has been enabled without any adverse impacts to write/read performance, bringing volatile storage in-line with industry standard data security best practices. Learn more here.

HERE Location Services pre-packaged transaction bundles on HERE Marketplace

We are excited to announce the launch of pre-packaged transaction bundles for the top 3 HERE Location Services on the HERE Marketplace.

These services and their listings on the HERE Marketplace are:

  1. Geocoding & Reverse Geocoding in the HERE Geocoding and Search API listing,
  2. Routing (Car, Bike, and Pedestrian) in the HERE Routing API listing, and
  3. Vector Tile in the HERE Vector Tile API listing.

These bundles are available as auto-renewing monthly subscriptions, offering substantial savings compared to our tiered pricing structure. Additionally, these subscriptions can be easily upgraded or downgraded as per your requirements through the Subscriptions Overview section.

Take advantage of this opportunity, head to the HERE Marketplace today.


We are pleased to announce the availability of our minor release of the HERE SDK for iOS, Android and Flutter.

The HERE SDK product family enables you to build powerful map applications based on the latest data from the HERE platform incorporating microservices and highly modularized components.

HERE SDK is a minor release for the 4.14 code line with a lot of bugfixes and improvements based on customer feedback. We also added some new features for this release, for example:

  • Added support for Railroad crossing warner (icons) on active route navigation.
  • Added support for school zone warner.
  • Added helper methods in Navigator to retrieve remaining travel distance in meters.
  • Added debug symbols on Android (on iOS it was there already), so crash logs can be symbolized.

Take a look at the latest release notes for your edition and platform to find out more details.

New APPid Selector User Interface and Multiple APPid Per Quote Functionality on HERE Platform

We are pleased to announce the release of our new APPid selector user interface and Multiple APPid per quote functionality. Appid selector provides our users the ability to select an APPid or APPids’ from the quote flow (open text field has been removed). With a click of a button, you can select the APPid and convert your quote to a subscription.

We have received many requests, from both customers and partners, to add Multiple APPids’ to a subscription and we are proud to say it is directly available to you. From the APPid selector, you can add 1-10 APPids’ prior to converting your quote.


  • Multiple APPids’ & APPid Selector available September 6th.
  • APPid Selector:
    • New User Interface for adding APPids’ to your quotes. We have removed the free form text field, for adding APPids’, and replaced it with a new experience. You now have the ability to select APPids’ that are created in your organization, or the corresponding customer organization in your quote flow, reducing the potential for APPid input errors. 
  • Multiple APPids’ per subscription:
    • In the quote process you will now be able to select between 1-10 APPids’ to add to your quote.  
    • When directly proceeding to the checkout process from HERE Marketplace to the billing details page, the selection of AppIDs’ will be displayed in the “Review & Confirm” screen (if relevant to the product being purchased).
    • APPids’ are pulled directly from your organization and populated into the results for selection. 
    • System validation checks are performed to ensure you only see valid APPids' from your organization.

Partners Only

  • Partners that are using customer organizations (sub-realms) can select APPids’ from customer organizations directly from the quote flow before converting into a subscription. 
  • Validation checks are performed to ensure:
  1. The customer case in the sales portal and the corresponding organization are related to the partner. 
  2. The APPids’ available to add to the quote are pulled only from the corresponding case and customer organization. 
  • Please note that you will not be able to:
  1. Add APPids’ from a customer org and a partner org in the same quote.
  2. Share APPids’ across different customer organizations.

HERE Map Content v2

We are happy to announce that Platform customer communication on HERE Map Content is re-established as of September 2023

HERE Map Content is a global, use-case agnostic and HERE content portfolio aligned* Data API catalog that can be used for location development purposes.

  • HERE Maps
  • HERE Places & Points
  • HERE Road Infrastructure & Usage
  • HERE Road Rules & Regulations
  • HERE Lanes
  • HERE Guidance & Routing
  • HERE Areas & Boundaries
  • HERE Buildings & Structures
  • HERE Spatial Relationships

It publishes the latest HERE map data via Data API versioned layers that are optimized for low latency and low cost map data transfer & transformation use-cases. All layers are provided with configurable scripts (JavaScript) to inspect, analyze and visualize layers in GeoJSON format (by use of Inspector Library)

Note the dataset is used within HERE by all HERE applications and Platform libraries ( e.g. HERE Location Services, HERE SDK, HERE Location Library, Python SDK )

The dataset was enhanced significantly in the last 18 months, see below some examples of map features that that were added :

  • Parking areas
  • Support for micro-point addresses 
  • Truck restrictions alignment ( e.g. Gross Vehicle Mass attribute )
  • Inclusion of high-precision lanes 
  • Traffic sign types alignment ( e.g. two-stage turns )
  • Several inspection plugin improvements

Data catalog and schema level information can be found at

For any inquiries please reach out to your Account Executive. 

 *Please note that publication is bound to HERE Content Portfolio roadmaps in terms of attributes, inclusion rules and coverage

Several dataset improvements are planned for 2023, resulting from customer requests

  • Expansion of Local Road attribute with Parking Aisles*
  • Parking related attributes alignment ( Places layer )
  • Place category translations ( Places layer )
  • HERE Vehicle Regulations portfolio alignment ( VR layer )
  • HERE Commercial Vehicle Regulations portfolio alignment ( CVR layer )
  • Various inspection script improvements, this will be detailed by the October Release Notes

Please consult you support representative for any specifics and availability dates

*Please note this will be a minor breaking change as existing placeholders are re-purposed. If this attribute is used, customer pipeline changes might be required

HERE Marketplace - Spruced Up Marketplace Listings 

Functionality is another step towards simplifying the purchasing process by providing an integrated method to browse our offerings and initiate purchases.


  • A Dynamic Carousel with images & videos that provides a visually enhanced representation of products
  • Access Badges and Instructions offering guidance and status insights
  • Case Studies demonstrating how other customers use our products to drive value for their business, making it easy for customers to understand the value proposition

HERE Platform - Partner Functionality Release

We are excited to share that in this month’s release HERE Partners who are using the customer organization (subrealm) setup are getting new features to help improve their experience and managing their customers on the Platform.


  1. Case upgrade to include customer organization – In the Platform Sales Portal you are now able to upgrade your case to include a customer organization for your customer.  This action allows you to keep all active quotes and subscriptions in your current case without the need to recreate or move anything. Simply select request a customer organization and follow the steps. Upgrading your case allows the partner to provide access to their customer access to the platform to manage user, view usage and manage appid credential and access.
  2. Migrate appids from Platform org to platform org – Moving the ownership from the partner organization to your customer organization allows for your customer to manage their appid access and view their usage. No more manual usage report for the partner your customer will be able to view and download their usage.
  3. Select Contact for Child Organization creation – Gone are the days when we limit you to the primary account holder to receive all platform get started invitation for your customers! Now in the case setup and upgrade flow you are able to select which contact from your organization receives the invite.
  4. New filters in Sales Portal – sort cases by whether they have a child organization.
  5. Multiple appid’s per subscription is now available (Sept 6th). In your quote process you will now be able to select between 1-10 appids to add to your quote. Partners can select appids from customer organizations directly from the quote flow before converting into a subscription.
  6. New User Interface for adding appids. We have removed the free form text field for adding appids and replaced it with a new experience. You will be able to select appids that are created in your organization or the corresponding customer organization in your quote flow reducing the potential for appid input errors.
  7. New & update Partner User guide – step by step instructions for how to use the platform, setup your customers and details on new functionality.

Partner User Guide v1.0.4.pdf


Upgrading your case to include a customer organization (subrealm) should be used in the following scenario: 

  • You have only one case for your customer. 

If you have any of the following scenarios, do not upgrade. Please reach out to your assigned partner account manager and HERE will assist you with these scenarios: 

  • Multiple cases for the same end-customer with active subscriptions or submitted quotes. 
  • You have one case with a customer organization, and one or more cases without a customer organization for the same customer. Do not create two customer orgs (sub-realm) for the same customer.


Deprecation announcements

High level API Data Loaders from the Location Library (HERE Data SDK for Java & Scala)

All functionalities of the high level API from the Location Library (included in the HERE Data SDK for Java & Scala) that are based on Data Loaders have been deprecated in favor of a new API providing better and more configurable caching mechanism, which has been released last year.
More information on new API can be found here:

More in details, all functionalities in{integration, referencing} based on{DataLoaderProvider, CacheManager} have been deprecated in favor of the ones
based on, whose concrete implementation can be
found in .

The Data Loaders functionality itself, namely package, is still available in isolation, but it will be deprecated in the next Data SDK release.


HERE Map Image API v1 - deprecation of rarely used features

As a preparation for major upgrade later this year we revised usage of the HERE Map Image API v1 and have decided to deprecate rarely used features and features that initiate API calls to outdated versions of HERE Routing API v7 and HERE Geocoder API v6. After releasing of the new version of the HERE Map Image API, we will provide a service migration guide with necessary details. 

Starting December 6, 2023, HERE will discontinue the following features in the HERE Map Image API v1:

The following resources are deprecated:

  • Routing resource
  • Turnpoint resource
  • Statistics resource
  • Heatmaps resource
  • Tiltmaps resource
  • Roadsign resource
  • Companylogo resource

The following features and parameters of Mapview resource, Region resource and Route resource are deprecated:

  • Specifying map location based on the address (geocoding).
  • Displaying the address of the map location in the billboard above the map (reverse-geocoding).
  • Specifying geo coordinates in encoded coordinates format.
  • Picture in picture display.
  • Map rotation and display of compass.
  • GIF, BMP and SVG image formats

If you now plan to use the Map Image API for your applications, please refrain from implementing the above features.

If you find one or some of the features planned for deprecation as business critical, please reach out to your Account Executive to discus your need. 

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Aaron Falk

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