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October 2021 Release Announcement

October 2021 Release Announcement



Maps API for JavaScript - Support for Isoline Routing API v8

Maps API for JavaScript version is integrating the HERE Location service Isoline Routing API v8 as a new provider. Like other location services its seamlessly integrated and can easily visualize the calculated isoline polygon on top if the HERE map.


Vector Tile API - Support for time conditions on Truck attributes 

The Vector Tile API is now also exposing time conditions on truck attributes which allows to determine if a specific truck attribute is only valid on certain days and or hours throughout a day. 

Inspect interactive map layers and support for Japanese UI in Data Inspector

New clustering visualizations in HERE Studio on platform

Adding to the point clustering feature that was already available in HERE Studio, we now created two more clustering visualizations: hexbins and quadbins. These visualizations will give you more insight on the feature density within your interactive map layer, but can also be based on the sum of certain feature property values. Try them out in 

New map visualization and interaction capabilities in the HERE Data SDK for Python 

The Data SDK for Python inspector package now includes a backend integration option with HERE Map Widget for Jupyter, an interactive widget that enables users to use HERE Maps API for JavaScript in Jupyter notebooks.  Features include 3D visualization and easy interaction with HERE Map.  This is a new alternate option to the already existing ipyleaflet integration.  Refer to the new Explore Inspector HERE Map Widget for Jupyter tutorial notebook for more details.

Access management improvements

  • Assigning roles to appsOrg Admins can now assign roles to both users and apps with the platform Access Manager. As always, utilize "principle of least privilege" best practices and only assign necessary roles. Apps having the Org Admin role, for example, will have full rights to manage users, apps and resources in your Org.
  • Trusted domains for API key credentials assurance: Trusted domains enable you to limit the use of your API Key credentials to the sites you specify. By default, any website can make requests to subscribed HERE services using your API Key. Add domains for each site that your trust to make API calls with your API Key credentials. Substring matches are also supported for trusted domain URIs, reducing the number of individual domains that must be listed. Use the platform Access Manager to add up to 20 trusted domains and the platform CLI for specifying up to 3000 trusted domains.
  • Custom policy creation for accessing resources in platform projects: Custom policy creation in the CLI has been made more flexible to allow you to construct policies with resources without validation as to whether those resources already exist in the project. This allows you to construct policies in advance of resource creation, which may be useful for some CI/CD flows. However, it also allows you to construct policies that include resources that are not accessible in the project, eg resources that are in another project and have not been shared and linked to the project for which you are creating policies. When such a policy is applied to a project member, they still will not have access to such resources contained in the policy.


Changes, additions, deprecations, and known issues

This blog post focuses on highlights. However, a lot more has happened since our last announcement. Our APIs, SDKs, and tools publish their detailed API level changes in form of changelogs or release notes. For the recent changes, refer to the corresponding changelog or release notes directly:



Dieter Wallmann

Dieter Wallmann

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