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November 2018 Release Highlights

November 2018 Release Highlights

All services receive content updates weekly, but we will call out a few noteworthy highlights related to the following services: Fleet Telematics, GeovisualizationRouting, and HERE XYZ. There were minor updates and fixes across many other services which were related to regular maintenance releases.

View the API Version History for previous updates including change log and release notes for all of the APIs.


HERE XYZ (beta)

Store, manage, and edit geospatial data in XYZ Hub. Visualize data in XYZ Studio, the XYZ Maps renderer, or bring your own.  Learn more...

  • You can change the color of geometry in a layer by specifying HEX values from XYZ Studio
  • Sort data by numerical values in XYZ Studio Data Hub

Give the tools a try and report any issues and provide feedback on your experiences.


Fleet Telematics

Get access to advanced location algorithms for fleet management use cases like geofencing, route matching, toll costs and more. Learn more...

Version 2.5.10

  • Can use &alignToGpsTime=1 to keep travel time in sync with GPS trace time in responses
  • For route match mode has new warning attributes toTracePointSeqNum, duration (for detected stops) and truckRestrictionCategoryCode (for waiting at truck bans)
  • Using &jsonattributes=73 and returnelevation=true will return link shape point elevations along the route
  • Use &ignoreWaypointVehicleRestriction=1000 to avoid all admin truck restrictions and time-based link-level truck restrictions within 1000 meters around each waypoint



Geovisualization is a cloud-based API toolkit for developing sophisticated visualizations of geographically-related data, accessible in a web browser. Learn more...

Version 2.7.1

  • Deprecation of url / direct file based ingestion in favor of a new recipe based workflow for larger and complex data sources



Provide precise instructions to a destination using various transport modes (e.g., car, truck, public transit, bicycle) and leveraging different algorithms (e.g., matrix, isoline routing). Learn more...

Version 7.2.98

  • Response attributes for time dependent restrictions timeDependentRestriction in linkAttributes parameter, RouteType, RouteLinkType
  • ValidityPeriod added to ConditionalTruckRestrictionType


Denis Panov

Denis Panov

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