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March 2021 Release Notes

March 2021 Release Notes

 We are pleased to inform you about the new releases of the HERE Location Services in March 2021. 

These releases include updates of: Routing API, Matrix Routing API, Geocoding and Search API, Vector Tile API, Map API for Java Script and HERE SDK for Android, iOS and Flutter. 

For information about the major improvements of the HERE Location Services, see the sections below. 

You will find all API documentation and release notes on the Developer Portal. 

HERE Location Services  

Version 8.21.1 - 8.21.5 

  • Enabled response compression (HTTP Content-Encoding) 
  • Beta label removed from EV Routing 
  • Return street names in all available languages 
  • Added optional origin parameter to getRoutesByHandle
  • Added support for route import (alpha)
  • Allows to create a route from a sequence of trace points 

Matrix Routing 
Version 8.3.0 + 8.4.0 

  • Added (Alpha) taxi mode support 
  • Increased matrix size limit for Flexible mode sync requests. Now allowing matrix sizes up to 15 x 100 or 100 x 1 (Previous limit allowed matrix sizes up to 15 x 15, 1 x 100, or 100 x 1) 

Geocoding and Search  
Version 7.6.4 

  • All endpoints: Increased coverage of GBR postal codes 
  • Geocode: Improved matching of Russia compound house number formats 
  • Geocode: Improved behavior for address queries that contain noise. The tolerance for the overall queryScore has been increased for cases with high enough individual fieldScores
  • Geocode: In Russia, the Geocoder now prefers Point Address fallbacks to alpha-numeric house numbers in situations where the query house number is numeric but does not exist in map content. Before, the Geocoder chose an interpolated location. This could lead to results up to a few hundred meters away from the destination
  • Geocode: Tolerate common Russia prefix to the house number "dom"/"дом" (meaning "house"). The Geocoder now recognizes the prefix and tolerates it without any scoring penalty 

Vector Tile API  
Version 2.1.3 

  • Configurability Phase 1: Map Layers can be removed from the vector data

Maps API for Java Script  

  • Support to the Interactive Map Layer service was added 
  • Fly-to animation is greatly improved by using parabolic curves and dynamic easing functions 
  • setLookAtData with animation supports also bounding box (WEBGL engine only) 

HERE SDK for Android, iOS and Flutter  
Version 4.6.4 

  • Set routing option to always split roundabouts
  • Keep Miami style as default
  • Api to read mapview surface size (and updates to it)
  • Advanced FlyTo with orientation and target distance
  • Pause and resume download on app runtime
  • Render the maneuver arrow on route. 

Version 4.7.0 

  • Support of public transit routing (online) 
  • Rendering of road shields
  • Support for political views
  • Configurable FlyTo animations (bow animation)
  • New (beta) of HERE's brand new Oslo map style (as you know it from the new WeGo app)
  • Major enhancements of maploader functionality (pause, resume, multiple and parallel downloads)
  • Enhanced lane assistance (bus lanes, bicycle lanes, access restrictions)
  • Support of special speed situations (e.g. time dependent speed limits)
  • Maneuver arrow rendering on road during Navigation
  • Navigation support for big roundabouts (explicit exit maneuvers)
  • Offline search along the route
  • Indoor pedestrian routing

All Location Services deliver map content updates every week. 

Michael Palermo

Michael Palermo

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