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June 2021 Release Announcement

June 2021 Release Announcement



Scala upgrade for the HERE Data SDK for Java & Scala, pipeline environments and schemas


With the release of version 2.28 of the HERE Data SDK for Java & Scala, the HERE platform introduces an upgrade to the Scala version from 2.11 to 2.12. This will enable you to upgrade your software stack to newer versions that require Scala 2.12.

Two new pipeline environments supporting Scala 2.12 have also been added including minor version upgrades for Apache Flink and Spark:

  • stream-4.0 for stream environment with Flink 1.10.3
  • batch-3.0 for batch environment with Spark 2.4.7

All the schemas supported by HERE have been updated correspondingly to support Scala 2.12:

  • HERE Map Content Schema
  • SDII Schema
  • Sensoris Schema
  • Real-Time Traffic Schema
  • Weather Schema
  • Optimized Map for Location Library Schema

Note that with this platform release, the SDK's support for Scala 2.11 as well as the former environments (see below) are deprecated. Support will be removed after 6 months.

  • Deprecated: stream-3.0.0 for stream environment with Flink 1.10.1
  • Deprecated: batch-2.1.0 for batch environment with Spark 2.4.2

Please use the latest SDK to migrate your applications to Scala 2.12. Schema developers may learn how to create Scala 2.12 bindings in our migration guide.


HERE Advanced Dataset renamed to HERE Map Attributes

HERE Advanced Dataset has been renamed to HERE Map Attributes. The link to the API documentation can now be found on the Services documentation overview page or directly here.


Find historical weather and cellular signal strength via HERE Map Attributes

HERE Map Attributes now contains two new data sets: Weather Archive and Cellular Signals. Weather archive offers historical weather data for North America and EMEA. Cellular signals offers carrier information, network type and signal strength condensed into categories along the road network.

Cellular signal strengths shown on highways around Frankfurt, Germany.


Changes, additions, deprecations, and known issues

This blog post focuses on highlights. However, a lot more has happened since our last announcement. Our APIs, SDKs, and tools publish their detailed API level changes in form of changelogs or release notes. For the recent changes, refer to the corresponding changelog or release notes directly:

Torsten Linz

Torsten Linz

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