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July 2021 Release Announcement

July 2021 Release Announcement



HERE Studio 2.0 on platform, powered by interactive map layers

HERE Studio is now available on HERE platform at This intuitive, no-code tool enables you to quickly upload location data in GeoJSON or CSV format and immediately view that data on a map. You may then filter or edit the data in real-time. An easy UI allows to style the geometry by property values so you can tell a compelling story with your self-created map, which you can then share with others. HERE Studio works with interactive map layers that can also be used in your Workspace pipelines and in HERE Data SDK for Python v2.2.0 (see below).


Manage your interactive map layers via the portal (not yet available in China)

Platform portal now enables you to create, configure, manage, clone, and delete interactive map layers. Specific layer attributes, like searchable properties, estimated number of features in a data set, and feature properties details are also now displayed as metadata on the interactive-map-layer details page.


HERE Maps API for JavaScript now enables editing of content in interactive map layers

With write support for interactive map layers (IML), it is now possible to edit properties and geometry e.g. via UI that is built by using the Maps API for JavaScript. For an implementation of this functionality, see HERE Studio documentation.


Manage interactive map layers in HERE Data SDK for Python v2.2.0 

The SDK now includes standard create/modify/get/delete operations for interactive map layers. A new Interactive Map Layer Introduction tutorial notebook is provided to demonstrate how to work with interactive map layers. For more information, see the latest updates in the Layer Operations Usage Guide .


Access HERE Map Content more conveniently with bindings in HERE Data SDK for Python v2.2.0

The SDK now includes Python bindings for HERE Map Content enabling you to more easily extract and manipulate HERE Map Content layers including Road Attributes, Road Topology and Geometry, Navigation Attributes, Advanced Navigation Attributes, ADAS Attributes, Address Attributes, Street Names and Traffic Patterns. A new Functional Class and Curvature Analysis tutorial notebook is included to demonstrate the use of these content bindings. For more information, see the Installation and HERE Content Bindings Usage Guide sections in the developer guide.


HERE Matrix Routing API now supports motorcycle mode

The Matrix Routing motorcycle mode allows to compute travel time/distance matrices for wide range of motor powered two-wheelers. If your delivery is via motorcycles or scooters rather than other means of transportation, you can now optimize for that in your last mile operations.


Changes, additions, deprecations, and known issues

This blog post focuses on highlights. However, a lot more has happened since our last announcement. Our APIs, SDKs, and tools publish their detailed API level changes in form of changelogs or release notes. For the recent changes, refer to the corresponding changelog or release notes directly:



Torsten Linz

Torsten Linz

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