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April 2020 Release Highlights

April 2020 Release Highlights

Welcome to the latest announcements for the HERE Location Services. This post covers the D116 release of HERE Location Services.

This email includes release notes that describe the improvements to the services in the new release. This release includes updates of: Routing API, Maps API for JavaScript, Geocoder API, Fleet Telematics API and HERE SDK for Android and iOS.

The Release highlights are:

  • Improved “drive report” response information for Fleet Telematics API Route Matching
  • Several new map display methods for the Explore and Navigate version of the Mobile SDK 4.x

For more detailed information about the major improvements of the HERE Location Services, see the sections below.

You will find all API documentation on the Developer Portal.

HERE Location Services on Platform

Routing API (Version 8.1.3)

  • Added areas to avoid request parameter.

You will find the Release Notification on the Developer Portal.

HERE SDK for Android and iOS (Explore Edition) (Version

  • Added methods MapMarker.getDrawOrder() and MapMarker.setDrawOrder(final long value) to get and set the draw order of MapMarkers on the map.
  • Added MapView.OnReadyListener with the method Map.setOnReadyListener(OnReadyListener readyListener) to set the ReadyListener . The listener will notify once the map view has been initialization.
  • Added the support for 3D MapMarkers with the classes MapMarker3D and MapMarker3DModel to represent and define a 3D shape rendered on the map.
  • Added the methods void MapScene.addMapMarker3d(@NonNull MapMarker3D marker) and void MapScene.removeMapMarker3d(@NonNull MapMarker3D marker) to add and remove a 3D MapMarker .
  • Added the Rectangle2D constructor that accepts type double for the origin and size parameters to represent a 2D rectangle.
  • Added the Size2D constructor that accepts type double for the height and width parameters to represent the size of a 2D structure.
  • Added the methods MapPolylines.getMetadata() and void setMetadata(@Nullable Metadata value) to get and set the Metadata for MapPolylines .

HERE SDK for Android and iOS (Navigate Edition) (Version

Additional features to the Explore version:

  • Added the method Navigator.get_supported_languages_for_maneuver_notifications() to get the supported language functionality.
  • Added the methods Navigator.getManeuverNotificationOptions() and Navigator.setManeuverNotificationOptions(options) to get and set maneuver notification options.

Maps API for JavaScript (Version

  • KML and GeoJSON now render the polygons with holes.
  • The new style for the Japan map was added.  

Fleet Telematics API (Version 3.0.30)

  • New Route Match features improved driving information:
    • Exact speed limits (date/time/vehicle dependent) for speeding detection
    • Curve speeds (lateral force) for cornering detection
    • Stop sign violations
    • Accelerations / breaking for risk assessment
    • Light conditions (horizontal and vertical sun angle towards driver) for risk assessment
    • Weather conditions (at the time of driving) for risk assessment (depending on commercial availability of Weather Archive)
  • Predefined "customConsumptionDetails" values for different vehicles types "3.5t", "7.5t", "18t", "40t"



The following services had new releases with minor changes:

  • Geocoder API version 6.2.203
  • HERE SDK for Android and iOS (Lite Edition)
Raymond Camden

Raymond Camden

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