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January 2019 Release Highlights

January 2019 Release Highlights

All services receive map content updates frequently, but we will call out a few noteworthy highlights related to the following services: Positioning API, Routing API, Fleet Telematics API, Geocoder Autocomplete and HERE Android & iOS SDKs.

There were minor updates and fixes across many other services which were related to regular maintenance releases.  View the API Version History for previous updates including change log and release notes for all of the APIs.


Positioning API

Provides positioning estimates based on global Wi-Fi and Cell coverage.  Learn more...

Version 1.7.0

  • Support for positioning based on a single WLAN access point.  The more access points you have the more accurate the fix, but previously a minimum of 3 was required which for some remote locations is not possible.
  • Support for HTTP/2.


Routing API

Provide precise instructions to a destination using various transport modes (e.g. car, truck, public transit, bicycle) and leveraging different algorithms (e.g. matrix, isoline routing).  Learn more...

Version 7.2.100

  • Added support for license plate based restrictions in Indonesia and Phillippines.
  • New option excludeZones and excludeZoneTypes can be used to specify areas that the route should avoid.  For example, certain roads have road pricing for the period of time a vehicle may use the road called a vignette.  You can route to avoid locations where this is required to use the affiliated roads.  See RoutingZoneTypeType for more examples.
  • Fixed issue of single and tandem axle weight restrictions being evaluated as gross weight restrictions.
  • Increased range of U-turn types avoided when requested to avoid difficult turns.


Fleet Telematics API

Get access to advanced location algorithms for fleet management use cases like geofencing, route matching, toll costs and more.  Learn more...

Version 2.5.11

  • New request parameter &ignoreWaypointVehicleRestriction to force routing to reach a waypoint despite vehicle access or weight restrictions along route.
  • New Platform Data Extension (PDE) layer ENV_ZONE_RESTR that contains access restriction details for environmental zones.  This can be used for route planning and driver alert purposes.


HERE Android SDK

Full-featured, native apps on Android with our mapping platform.  Learn more...

Starter Edition Version 3.10

  • Updated for Android API 28 with deprecation of corresponding to deprecated
  • Introduced to replace deprecated MapFragment.

Premium Edition Version 3.10

In addition to the changes mentioned in the Starter Edition

  • Implemented truck specific ETA calculation model.
  • Enabled turn-by-turn guidance for bike routing.
  • Implemented set/get course for any waypoints on the route.
  • Additional error reporting when re-routing operations fail.
  • Added customized stopover callbacks.
  • Added feature to retrieve total distance on a route.
  • Added feature to specify a wait time for each waypoint on a route.
  • Enriched data with time to arrival (TTA) details for sublegs of a route.
  • Autosuggest for place search is now supported in offline mode.
  • Added feature to retrieve remaining distance during assisted guidance.
  • Added possibility to customize upcoming part of the route.
  • Configurable cache size (64MB - 1000MB).
  • Maneuver restrictions on motorcycle turns implemented as cost table.
  • Fixed positioning latency issues resolved.
  • Improved map representation in Mercator Projection.
  • Simplified the creation of MapMarker objects.



Full-featured, native apps on iOS with our mapping platform.  Learn more...

Starter Edition Version 3.10

  • Added support for new iPad Pro (released on Oct 30, 2018).
  • Improved error handling.

Premium Edition Version 3.10

In addition to the changes mentioned in the Starter Edition

  • Implemented truck specific ETA calculation model.
  • Enabled Turn by Turn guidance for bike routes.
  • Implemented possibility to set/get course for all waypoints on the route.
  • Added error reporting when re-routing fails.
  • Added possibility to customize stopover reached callback.
  • Added feature to retrieve distance on route.
  • Added feature to specify wait time for each waypoint.
  • Added possibility to retrieve TTA for specific subleg.
  • Supported offline mode for Autosuggest.
  • Added feature to retrieve remaining distance during guidance.
  • Added possibility to customize upcoming part of the route.
  • Added ability to configure cache size (64MB - 1000MB).
  • Implemented maneuver restrictions on motorcycle turn cost tables.
  • Fixed positioning latency issue.
  • Improved MapLoader stability.
  • Added support for new Apple iPad Pro.
  • Added possibility to retrieve route element by duration.


HERE Mobile SDK User Interface (UI) Kit

Learn more about the v2.0 announcement described in more detail in The Mobile SDK UI Kit v2.0 is HERE with the Most Requested Component Navigation.

Version 2.0

  • Completed guidance experience and components.
  • Route planner improvements.
  • Customization improvements.
  • Integration of the HERE SDK 3.9.
  • Support for XCode 10 and Swift 4.2.
  • The project is now open source!




Geocoder Autocomplete

Correct misspellings and get better suggestions for your address search with fewer keystrokes.  Learn more...

  • For certain postal code queries, a list of cities encompassed by the postal code will be returned instead of a list of counties.  For example, a search for "France, 78660" will include cities Orsonville, Boinville-le-Gaillard, Allainville, Ablis, etc. instead of only the county Yvelines.



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