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#BuiltWithHERE 5 min read

How Drive Yello built a last-mile delivery solution with HERE

driveyello builtwithhere

#BuiltWithHERE is a series that showcases how developers are using the HERE platform to solve location-related business problems using location data. Each post highlights developer solutions and apps that are timely, innovative, and transformative.  

In this blog post, we showcase the work of an on-demand logistics platform in Australia, Drive Yello, that connects businesses with a network of independent delivery drivers. The platform provides businesses with real-time visibility and control over their deliveries, allowing them to optimise their logistics operations and improve their customer experience. By leveraging the power of technology and a vast network of drivers, Drive Yello enables businesses to offer fast, reliable, and cost-effective delivery services to their customers. Whether it's delivering food, groceries, parcels, or anything in between, Drive Yello provides businesses with the flexibility and scalability they need to grow and succeed in the on-demand economy.

We interviewed Alireza Norouzi, CTO at Drive Yello, on how they leverage the power of HERE's location data and mapping services.

DriveYello phone

Drivers dashboard on Drive Yello drivers mobile app. Image credit: Drive Yello.

Location-related business challenges

As a logistics platform, Drive Yello relies heavily on accurate and up-to-date location data to ensure efficient and timely deliveries. This includes the real-time location of delivery drivers, as well as the location of pick-up and drop-off points, and estimated time of arrival. Any inaccuracies or delays in this information can lead to delayed deliveries, unhappy customers, and lost business.

Handling a large volume of addresses that are sometimes incomplete, inaccurate, or ambiguous is a common challenge for logistics platforms like Drive Yello. This requires the use of advanced geocoding and mapping technologies to accurately refine addresses and locate delivery destinations, even in challenging locations.

Bundling orders together is another key strategy that Drive Yello uses to improve delivery efficiency and reduce operational costs. By bundling orders, Drive Yello can optimise delivery routes and reduce the number of trips that delivery drivers need to make. This means that drivers can deliver more orders in less time, which not only increases the overall efficiency of the delivery process but also reduces operational costs. Additionally, by reducing the number of trips required, bundling orders can also help to reduce Drive Yello's carbon footprint, making it a more sustainable business.

DriveYello applications

    Drive Yello Web and Mobile App showing the location of multiple drivers in a map. Image credit: Drive Yello.

    Solutions using HERE Technologies 

    HERE Technologies provides Drive Yello with a range of location-based solutions that help to address the location-related business challenges faced by the company. Three key solutions are HERE Geocoding and Search API, and HERE Routing and HERE Routing Matrix API.

    HERE Geocoding and Search API is a powerful geocoding solution that can accurately refine addresses and locate delivery destinations, even in challenging locations. It uses a combination of data sources and machine learning algorithms to provide highly accurate and up-to-date location data. This ensures that Drive Yello can communicate accurate real-time location information to its customers, and optimise delivery routes based on precise location data.

    HERE Routing and HERE Routing Matrix API are advanced routing solutions that can help Drive Yello to optimise delivery routes and reduce operational costs. By bundling orders together and using HERE Routing and Routing Matrix API, Drive Yello can create the most efficient routes for delivery drivers to follow and an accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA). This means that drivers can deliver more orders in less time, reducing operational costs and increasing overall efficiency. Additionally, these solutions also help Drive Yello to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing the number of trips required.

    Overall, by leveraging the location-based solutions provided by HERE Technologies, Drive Yello can overcome the location-related business challenges it faces and provide a more efficient and reliable delivery service to its customers. This allows Drive Yello to improve customer satisfaction and grow its business in the on-demand economy.


    The Drive Yello app shows consumers where their goods are. Image credit: Drive Yello.

    Next Steps

    Next steps for Drive Yello include expanding its services to consumer direct delivery, expanding internationally, optimising complex routing, and increasing its usage of Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) optimisation.

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    Erwin Soekianto

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