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HERE Map Layers and HERE Lidar Data now available on HERE Marketplace


Have you explored the HERE Marketplace yet? It is our new storefront to buy location-centric HERE data and services. All self-serve and named customers subscribed to the HERE Base Plan can see Marketplace in their HERE platform account. 

Start using the HERE Marketplace 

Log in to your HERE platform account. From the Launcher on top right, select Marketplace to start using it. Self-serve customers can buy data directly by providing credit card information. Named account customers can submit a request, and Account Executives will help with completing the purchase. 

Ready to buy products 

HERE Map Layers and HERE Lidar Data products are now available on HERE Marketplace.

HERE Map Layers 

HERE Map Layers consists of key pieces of the map made available on-demand for small to medium-scale projects. These HERE-owned geographic datasets are available through catalogs on HERE Platform. Using Marketplace, you can choose the geographic data you need and the coverage area you need, even if it is just a city, or just a state/province. Platform catalogs consist of versioned layers that are tiled as HERE Tiles, with the actual data available in the industry-standard GeoJSON format.   

HERE Map Layers consists of 6 Marketplace listings:   

  • HERE Buildings: Includes two-dimensional building footprints with corresponding attributes that represent man-made building structures. Updated weekly. 

  • HERE Places: Includes specific places with their corresponding location and related relevant information about a specific Place. This dataset includes millions of Places (Points of Interest) worldwide with a detailed classification system that includes a broad range of categories, including restaurants, hotels, gas stations, retail businesses, banks, parks, museums, and more. Updated weekly. 

  • HERE Destination Signs: Includes representation of physical signboards along the road network that are used to inform drivers about upcoming destinations reachable from the road on which the sign is placed. Destination signs generally include one destination or a list of destinations along with other information relevant to a driver. Updated weekly. 

  • HERE Traffic Signs: Includes representation of signs along the road network that are used to inform drivers of specific road situations. Traffic signs are typically used to communicate information about road conditions, traffic regulations, safety issues, or other traffic-related events. This dataset includes warning signs, priority signs, stop signs, and other types of road infrastructure. Updated weekly. 

  • HERE Cartography: Includes map features related to land use, land cover, and hydrography, with the intention of providing a level of detail suitable for cartography and display of data. Updated weekly. 

    • Hydrography includes information about water features of various types, including polygons and polylines that indicate lakes, rivers, and oceans.  

    • Land use includes information about the functional usage of land, as designated by people, which could include items like shopping centers, airports, or amusement parks, represented as polygons that are suitable for cartography.  

    • Land Cover refers to the physical coverage of the Earth, including polygons and polylines that indicate wetlands, grasslands, glaciers, or deserts.  

  • HERE Road Network: Includes the navigable road network and additional traffic restrictions. The road network includes geometry for the centerline of the road and includes attribution relevant to the road to make it navigable, including characteristics about the road as well as information about street names, address ranges, and information about traffic restrictions. Updated weekly. 

map layers

HERE Lidar data 

HERE Lidar Data is an on-demand service that offers access to an extensive library of 3D lidar point clouds. You can select the required coverage area and then complete a simple check out process. The requested data is compiled and made ready for download in .las or .laz data formats.    

Lidar Data Listing

Lidar stands for ‘laser imaging, detection and ranging’. We gather this accurate, terrestrial 3D data using the HERE-owned True Vehicles. By driving along roads, the vehicle uses GPS to track its position. Special lasers mounted on the vehicle fire in carefully calibrated directions. A receiver on the vehicle measures the time that it takes for the laser’s light to be reflected by nearby objects. This helps in determining the distance between the vehicle and surrounding objects. The result is a georeferenced point cloud. This data is then converted to industry-standard LAS or LAZ formats. The data is also colorized using imagery captured by multiple cameras that are synchronized with the lidar unit to make the dense point clouds easy to interpret. 

Here is a conceptual example of a photo from a HERE True vehicle and the captured Lidar point cloud for the same location.  

HERE True vehicle photo and converted Lidar

Photo from HERE vehicle and Lidar point cloud from the same location


Currently, the self-serve purchasing is limited to a maximum of 100km of road. Accounts Executives can help with downloading larger data sets or with different types of requests. 


After quote approval for named accounts or a successful credit card purchase, you can immediately access to the content you purchased. HERE Lidar Data can take up to five days, depending on the size of the order and the age of the data requested. The Catalogs are visible under the "Data" section on the HERE platform. This can be downloaded through CLI tools or the Data API.

Discover these latest products on Marketplace, and download the data you need for your projects!

Mohini Todkari

Mohini Todkari

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