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HERE Directions 2023: how AWS, DHL and what3words use location data

A view of the crowd at HERE Directions.

At this year's event, speakers will explain how location can power electric trucks, deliver precise navigation, improve supply chains — and much more.

Whatever your industry, location is likely to be an important element in making efficiencies, innovating and beating your competitors.

And at this year's HERE Directions on November 1st — 2nd in Prague, industry experts will give their take on using location data to stay on top of the game.

HERE partner AWS is on board to explain how it can bring benefits to your full supply chain stream in a session called From insight to impact: how location data visibility can transform your entire supply chain stream

Headed by Michael Kopenec, General Manager of AWS Geospatial will share inside tips on how organizations can make this happen.

In the automotive sector, what3words' CCO Clare Jones will shed light on how innovations in location data are enabling more accurate and reliable car navigation. Her session will examine how accurate navigation is possible even when the car is not connected, and whether this can be applied retroactively to vehicles. 

what3words, another HERE partner, is a disruptive company that has divided every location in the world into 3 meters squared with its own unique combination of three words. The session is called Innovations in location data for more accurate and reliable car navigation.

How location technology reduces emissions, makes cities smarter and builds resilient infrastructure.

The many uses of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) data will be top of the agenda for Lisa Abom, CEO of Nira Dynamics. The session Unlocking the potential of ADAS data: strategies for streamlining operations and improving efficiency will take a deep dive into the topic, exploring which data can be obtained from ADAS and how they can be used.

As sustainability surges higher on the agenda of many organizations, a number of sessions will tackle the tangible ways that location data can help them meet their goals. Hiroshige Sugihara, President of GeoTechnologies, will host a session entitled Location data and climate change: how mapping solutions are helping reduce CO2 emissions. During the discussion, Sugihara will explore the ways location technology can reduce climate impact, including predictive routing.

Jacob Wegenast, VP Global GoGreen at DHL Supply Chain, will detail how location data can be used to calculate carbon footprints. In the session Fueling sustainable growth: how carbon-based planning can create business opportunities with location data, 

Wegenast will explain how data can create accurate predictions for carbon planning and how this can be added to your organization's routing plans. He will go on to look at how these carbon-based plans can become business opportunities.

For those looking to electrify fleets, there are several sessions that can help. The session Connected for a better future: maximizing the customer experience and reaching sustainability goals with EVs and location technology is unmissable. 

Xuan-Zheng Goh, Head of Product for Smart Europe, and Guido Cocola, Head of Digital Experience at Volta Trucks, will share their EV expertise.

This is just a selection of some of the speakers that will be sharing their insights with attendees at HERE Directions 2023. Keep checking back at the program as further details are released.

Beth McLoughlin 2023

Beth McLoughlin

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