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HERE Directions 2023: 5 global trends, innovations and opportunities you need to know about

Crowd at HERE Directions 2019

From improving car safety to developing sustainability as a value proposition, HERE Directions this year addresses the pain points and challenges of your industry

In times of tight margins, accelerated innovation and increasing environmental concern, many enterprises are faced with challenges. The drive towards efficiency, sustainability and continuous improvement has arguably never been stronger.

At HERE Directions 2023, you can find out how location technology can be deployed to address these difficulties and help your organization thrive. Discover how location data can make your operations more efficient, help you measure your carbon footprint, and power the next generation of solutions for your customers.

The event, which will be held at The Cubex Centre in Prague on November 2-3, will reveal the latest tech trends that will transform your sector. Last year, speakers included Alastair Shooter, Global Head of Transport at DHL, on shifting to data-driven predictive supply chains, and Serino Angellotti, EE-Digital User Experience at Lotus Tech Innovation Centre on building software for the digital cockpit. Here are five trends that we will cover in depth – and how to register is at the bottom of this article.

Trend 1: Get smart

The smart car of the future will be able to communicate with other vehicles, take over at least some driving functions and help to keep you and other road users safe. But while predictions about fully self-driving cars have not yet come true, connected cars are already revolutionizing the driving experience. At Directions, find out if you can truly build a smart car in less than six months, how software-defined cars and trucks are opening up new opportunities, and how car navigation is getting more accurate than ever before.

Ethical Sourcing

Sustainability is an increasing concern in many sectors

Trend 2: Sustainability as a value product

Regulation and consumer pressure have brought sustainability to the top of many businesses' agendas. But what if it could also be a way to make your company more efficient and profitable? Discover how location data can be used to reduce climate impact at Directions. There will also be sessions on tackling range anxiety with electric vehicles and using location data to accurately calculate your carbon footprint.

Trend 3: Automate to innovate

There are savings to be made through automated fleets, but many logistics firms are not there yet. Our unmissable session at Directions will explore how you can start preparing your organization for this future now, making operations more efficient.

Other key sessions will address how you can create hyper-accurate locations when route planning, and how to use location data to create tools for drivers that make their job easier and improve fleet utilization rates.


Accurate ETAs are tricky to achieve but prized by customers

Trend 4: The ETA-verse

Supply chains are increasingly complex, with many third-party operators, small suppliers and other players to factor in. The best way to keep things running smoothly – and ensure happy customers – is to give them the most accurate ETA possible. But how can organizations achieve this when there are so many variables to factor in?

Our session at Directions will drill down into how carrier connectivity can make ETAs not only more accurate, but also predictive. You will also discover how to make your location data visible throughout your supply chain, securely, in a way that benefits you and the customers you work with.

Trend 5: Get ready for the electric future

Fleets and individual passengers globally are turning towards electric vehicles. Strong local incentives, sustainability goals and long-term cost savings are just some of the factors driving this trend.

What makes it possible is connected cars. In our sessions, you will discover how this technology is powering the electric future, and how to make it work for you.

Beth McLoughlin 2023

Beth McLoughlin

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