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February 2024 Platform Release Notes

February 2024 HERE Technologies platform release notes


Release of the HERE SDK for iOS, Android and Flutter is here.

The HERE SDK product family enables you to build powerful map applications based on the latest data from the HERE platform incorporating microservices and highly modularized components.

HERE SDK is a minor release for the 4.17 code line with a lot of bugfixes and improvements based on customer feedback. We also added some new features for this release, for example:

  • MapDownloader: Added improved performance when installing new map data into the cache and the persisted storage, especially, when external SD cards are used.
  • Search: Added Address.stateCode that contains a state code for the address.
  • Search: Added PickedPlace.offlineSearchId that holds a place ID. 
  • OfflineSearchEngine : Added StructuredQuery as input for and OfflineSearchEngine.suggest. This feature allows to search for Place results for a given ResultType such as STREET or DISTRICT.
  • Added PickMapContentResult.getPickedPlaces() to return a list of PickedPlace results.
  • Map style update: Added new embedded carto POIs for the following categories: Golf ShopEV Dealership - New VehiclesEV Dealership - Used VehiclesEV Repair and Urgent Care Center.


HERE Style Editor 1.6

HERE Style Editor is an application on our platform used to customize the map appearance for HERE SDK, Maps API for JavaScript and HERE Navigation. 

The new version 1.6 brings a mix of tool improvements and new features.

Tool Improvements

  • Map styles are now automatically upgraded to the features of new application versions with minimum user intervention required

New Customization Features

  • Added ability to style water outlines as well as POIs and traffic icon sizes.
  • Addition of Road Network day / night base map styles as a foundation for map customization. 
    Use cases are for mini maps or head-up-display styles
HERE Style Editor 1.6 improvements and fixes
HERE Style Editor 1.6 improvements and fixes


Volatile layer Time-To-Live (TTL) configuration updates:

Volatile layers now support per partition TTLs that enable you to expire data at different times for different partitions and where the TTL counter can be reset, so that you don't need to continually write data to volatile layers in accordance with a (7) day maximum TTL. This new functionality can reduce cost associated with rewriting data every (7) days due to the max TTL limit while also enabling you to have much shorter TTLs for a subset of your partitions. Per partition payload upload time stamps are not impacted by the TTL counter resets and are only changed when the data is updated. Learn more here:

HERE Network Positioning API 2.5.4

Locate your IoT devices which use NB-IoT or LTE Cat-M for cellular connectivity. NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M are the fastest growing cellular connectivity for narrow band low power devices. Now you can discover location of such devices by submitting cellular signal information to HERE Network Positioning API. Find a use case example in the Developer guide on the HERE documentation portal.

Deprecating HERE Map Content (HMC) and Optimized Map for Location Library (OMLL) for Japan

Since new catalogs are in the works, older HMC and OMLL catalogs are no longer supported and will be deprecated. These are:

  • hrn:here:data::olp-here:here-map-content-japan-2
  • hrn:here:data::olp-here:here-optimized-map-for-location-library-japan-2


HERE Routing

We are happy to share the following improvements for HERE Routing, which are now available. In the last months, major updates have been pushed to offline routing. Here's what else is new:

  • EV routing now supports Mobility Service Provider (MSP) preference settings. Our database with MSP information grew a lot and we are pleased to announce, that you can prefer your MSPs even on different levels. Meaning you can decide which MSP is your first choice and which is second or third or... This makes sure that our high-performance charge-aware routing will respect the charging stations which are covered by your charge-card!
  • Provide all time-restrictions on departure time "any": You can receive all time-dependent restrictions on a route by setting departure time to "any" and requesting "potentialTimeDependentViolations". Please note, that the route, when calculated with given departure time, might differ in route shape due to traffic or respected time-dependent restrictions.
  • Return truck tolls for Germany/EU based on new CO2 emission regulations is now supported in routing with toll costs.
  • Route handle is now supported in offline routing via the mobile SDK.
  • Railway crossings are now returned also in offline routing via the mobile SDK.
  • Support HOV (Carpool) time restrictions in offline routing via mobile SDK
  • Avoid Truck Road Types (aka Admin zones) in offline routing via mobile SDK


You can find the latest documentation online at

Christo Mitov

Christo Mitov

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