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December 2018 Release Highlights

December 2018 Release Highlights

All services receive content updates frequently, but we will call out a few noteworthy highlights related to the following services: Fleet Telematics API, Places API, and Mobile SDK. There were minor updates and fixes across many other services which were releated to regular maintenance releases.

View the API Version History for preious updates including change log and release notes for all of the APIs.


Fleet Telematics API

Get access to advanced location algorithms for fleet management use cases like geofencing, route matching, toll costs and more. Learn more...

Version 2.5.11

  • calculateroute warnings when waiting for truck bans or similar admin wide restrictions got additional attributes "isoCountryCode" and "duration"
  • calculateroute has new request paramter &vehicleCostOnFerry to override the vehicle_cost (per km) while riding a ferry


Places API

Find (e.g., search for name, type, category), discover (e.g., look into address, contact info) and interact with POI information (e.g., enable user reviews, photos).  Learn more...

Version 2.69.0
  • "Sight" and "sights" added as synonyms to the Sights & Museum category.
  • The Place report feature is discontinued.
  • A sample of the many many reported data issues resolved such as...
    • duplicated Target stores in North Bergen, NJ
    • invalid Washington Mutual in San Antonio, TX
    • uninformative address details for Frankfurt Airport in Germany
    • search for Friseur in Paris, France
    • invalid Wilko place in Coventry, UK
    • ...and many more.  Use the HERE Map Creator to report if you observe any other issues.


Mobile SDK User Interface (UI) Kit

The HERE Mobile SDK UI Kit for iOS and Android provides ready-to-use UI components for the HERE Mobile SDK.
Version 1.4

Also a note that some Mobile SDK customers appear to still be using outdated offline maps.  This can lead to negative user experiences.

Maps Data for Korea

Note that because of legal restrictions, map data is only available from within South Korea.


  • Major road updates
  • Lane attribute coding applied to 80k+ intersections



Denis Panov

Denis Panov

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