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Bringing HERE tech to the Renovo AWare ecosystem

Bringing HERE tech to the Renovo AWare ecosystem

An open ecosystem of best-in-class technologies working seamlessly together will be at the heart of the automated transportation systems of the future. Our most recent partnership with Renovo will help bring this vision to life.

With a shared dedication to the future of transport, we’ve teamed up with mobility and software technology company Renovo to deploy open interfaces for highly- and fully-automated vehicles.

As the infrastructure required for autonomous cars is built, collaboration between key technology providers across industries is vital. It’s this open-standards approach that will fuel greater interoperability and data exchange across the transportation ecosystem, boosting safety, efficiency and comfort for passengers.

The first phase of our collaboration will see us working on a new technology interface for self-healing maps that will maximize the utility of sensor data generated by fleets of automated vehicles. This interface will be available for highly automated vehicles powered by Renovo’s AWare operating system, enabling them to provide data that can be used within the HERE Open Location Platform and HERE HD Live Map.

This integration will help expand access to data that’s vital to building automated mobility systems that people can trust, and we join the AWare ecosystem alongside respected companies including Samsung, Verizon, Velodyne LiDAR, Parsons and many more.

Cass Megraw

Cass Megraw

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