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August 2018 Release Highlights

August 2018 Release Highlights

Before jumping into this month's API release updates there was an exciting change this month.  If you haven't already read about Our HERE Freemium Developer Plan in Detail, you can now use nearly all of our APIs for free, up to 250,000 transactions per month.  You can use more APIs and features including access to our Premium Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android, including offline maps and turn-by-turn navigation for up to 5,000 monthly active users. Head over to the pricing page to learn more. If you have questions, take a look our FAQs or contact us at  

Now on to what's new this month in some of our APIs.  Many minor updates but a few noteworthy changes related to the following services: Geocoder API, Routing API, Custom Routes API, Route Matching API, Toll Cost Calculation API, and the Mobile SDK User Interface (UI) Kit.



  • Parameter now allows you to ignore waypoint access restrictions for vehicle types in the Custom Routes API.
  • Additional attribute layers information can be returned directly in the response in Route Matching API.
  • Ferry cost and ferry type support in Toll Cost Calculation API.
  • New HERE Mobile SDK User Interface (UI) Kit.




Convert street addresses to geo-coordinates and vice-versa with forward geocoding, including landmarks, and reverse geocoding.

Version 6.2.163

  • Improvements for Eircodes, Ireland's postcode system, that consists of a seven character alpha-numeric code made up of a routing id and unique identifier.
  • To improve location accuracy many new Interpolated point addresses are now available in the USA.  This will show up as matchType="interpolated" in the returned response indicating scenarios where a single building may include multiple units but searching for the location of one unit can be interpolated.



Provide precise instructions to a destination using various transport modes (e.g., car, truck, public transit, bicycle) and leveraging different algorithms (e.g., matrix, isoline routing).

Version 7.2.95

  • Added Portuguese and Polish language translations for route summary text -- see Languages in the documentation for a complete list of the 100+ supported languages codes you can include in your routing request.



Build custom routes considering your own road restrictions and geometries.

Version 2.5.7 

  • Router can reach way points even if they are forbidden for the vehicle type by using the  &ignoreWayPointVehicleRestriction parameter by specifying a radius in meters.  See the calculate route documentation for more details.



Match GPS traces to the HERE road network.

Version 2.5.7 

  • New Route Matching API attributes were added for: Conditional Speed Limits, Variable Speed Limits, Truck Restrictions, Turn Restrictions, Toll Booths, Toll Links, and Traffic Signs.  See More Attributes for each Route Link for a list of the 20+ layers supported in the Match Route Response.
  • RouteLinks represent the matched route as a connected sequence of road links.  The response now also details the offset from the reference node when route is only partially driven from first link, last link, and u-turns as described in the Match Route Response.



Calculate tolls for international driving routes.

Version 2.5.7

  • One if by land, toll if by sea.  Ferry cost accuracy (estimated, average, precise) and ferry types (boat, rail, and my favorite -- hovercraft!) included in calculations.



Version 1.3.1




Jayson DeLancey

Jayson DeLancey

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