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Live German football stadium congestion powered by HERE Real-Time Traffic

See the traffic impact of football matches this summer across Germany. Our congestion map features 10 cities and is powered by live data from HERE Real-Time Traffic to help travelers navigate the bustling cities and analyze planning and flow management efficiency.


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How HERE Real-Time Traffic keeps drivers and urban planners informed

HERE Real-Time Traffic leverages two types of data: flow data and incident data. Flow data analyzes the speed and congestion levels, while incident data covers road closures, collisions, roadworks and more.

HERE Real-Time Traffic is a comprehensive, global traffic service that uses up-to-the-minute information about traffic flow, incidents and road works to support drivers in reaching their destinations efficiently and stress-free.


How HERE Real-time Traffic measures congestion

Our congestion score provides a value for the amount of traffic in a specific radius around each venue for highways and arterial roads. The value, between 0.0 and 10.0, indicates the expected quality of travel:

  • 0 to <4 = free traffic flow 
  • 4 to <6.3 = minor congestion through heavier traffic, but not yet considered slow 
  • 6.3 to <8 = heavy and slow traffic 
  • 8 to <9 = heavy and queuing traffic 
  • 9 to <10 = stationary traffic 
  • 10 = reserved to represent a blocked roadway 

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