HERE Traffic Analytics

Harnessing location analytics for effective land use planning

Traffic management and road network performance are critical to smoothly functioning urban areas. Determining how changes in the road network impact the vehicle speed at a systemwide scale is a difficult task. HERE Technologies supports planning agencies and enterprise customers by providing a vivid depiction of historical vehicle speed and movements across roadways, which greatly enhances the ability to make informed decisions on future land use.

HERE Traffic Analytics is a suite of data products that help government transportation agencies and enterprises understand what happens on the roadways in order to make informed decisions on design and build engineering, traffic flow measurement and road network management.

Speed Data is built on a database of over one trillion GPS data points. It accurately models the effect of planned changes and uses robust statistical parameters to give realistic, actionable results. It is available across 100% of the roads in the 57 countries it covers. Users can select the area, time span, and level of statistical detail to meet a wide range of specific speed analysis needs. In addition, there is a truck speed data feature which offers speed observations specific to heavy trucks to help guide decisions on freight performance reliability.

Trip Data is a big data resource for understanding the movement of drivers through the trips they take on road networks. Based on our expansive and anonymized probe data collection and processing, Trip Data offers a clear picture of travel behaviors throughout a region, while respecting user privacy.

Product benefits

HERE Traffic Analytics offers transportation agencies and enterprise business the historical data needed to see the big picture and make the right decisions on where to construct a road, reroute traffic, or help determine what is the best land use for a given property.

    • The HERE benefits

      Improved decision making

      HERE Technologies provides big data location analytics to support traffic management, planning and engineering decision making.

    • Discover the HERE benefits

      Cost efficient

      HERE Traffic Analytics can replace expensive manual origin-destination survey data incorporated in existing traffic models.

    • Discover the HERE benefits

      Fully customizable

      The modular approach enables users to choose the data and analytics they need to get the job done.

“VIA’s Traffic Solution Software has put a big step forward with the use of HERE Traffic Analytics Speed Data. We now help many road authorities in their task to increase road safety and usability. The data is absolutely marvelous.”

  • VIAErik DonkersDirector
    January 1, 2017

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