Telecom and Utilities

Intelligently plan, maintain and grow your network

Telecommunication and utility (electric, natural gas, and water/wastewater) operators must continually maintain existing networks for maximum uptime, while simultaneously planning and building for added capacity. Innovative technologies for analyzing network performance (such as remote asset visualization, mapping, and measurement) and efficiently deploying field personnel allow telecoms and utilities to do more with less.

Your benefits

Telecom operators use HERE Data Lens to perform 3D visualization and analyze massive amounts of network usage data. This big data visualization and analysis helps telecom network planning engineers understand what’s going on in their network and deliver seamless service. HERE Data Lens lets telecom and utility operators view, map, and measure their field assets from their desktop at 2cm level precision. This allows operators to better prepare for and reduce field service calls. The HERE Platform for Business and HERE Mobile SDKs for Business provide a complete set of tools to power the mapping and location service needs for back-office and mobile field service products and services.

    • The HERE benefits

      Better network planning

      Help prioritize better mobile network optimization activities and proactively correct issues using collaborative, cloud-based management of massive datasets

    • Discover the HERE benefits

      Reduce transportation costs

      Save time and money by reducing the number of field trips necessary to understand field asset locations and features using remote visualization, mapping and measurement from your desktop.

    • Discover the HERE benefits

      Efficiently deploy field personnel

      Increase workforce productivity and improve customer service

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