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Harmonize urban mobility

Cities that move in sync are now a reality


Build frictionless transportation solutions

Meet the ever-growing needs of today’s cities. Build the next generation of mobility solutions on the world’s most complete location platform.

Empower your city’s mobility services with location intelligence to:

  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Improve transport planning
  • Create consistent digital UX
  • Ensure frictionless end-to-end journeys

Enable next-generation mobility

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On-demand delivery services

Deliver on time, every time

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New mobility services

Move people seamlessly

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Smart city solutions

Defeat urban congestion

Key advantages

More efficient experiences

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Seamless road networks

By using and sharing location data, mobility service providers can optimize resources and budget, ensure the best use of existing infrastructure, reduce congestion and enable frictionless end-to-end journeys.

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Combat urban challenges

Most people will live in cities by 2050. Urban mobility service providers are under pressure to innovate, fast. Use real-time and historical data from multiple sources to identify and prioritize opportunities.
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Transform user experiences

Accurate location data provides visibility of the entire road network. Provide accurate ETAs, adapt routes in real time and improve the transportation network with safer and more integrated experiences.

How to harmonize the curb

Learn how six experts would optimize curbside space to meet the growing demands of ride-hailing, e-commerce and delivery services.

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Partners in success

One place to pay for intermodal journeys

HERE and Mastercard have teamed up with the goal of creating a platform on which users can plan their whole journey across any transportation mode – and pay for it in a single service.

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Intelligent routing algorithms for safe and efficient journeys

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Transit context that solves complex commuting problems
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HERE platform

HERE platform

Create new insights by combining proprietary, third-party and HERE location data

Shape the future of mobility

Learn how to orchestrate city movement and build innovative mobility solutions with HERE.