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HERE & AWS partnership

Rapid innovation enabled by location.

HERE and AWS accelerate speed to market and time to value

HERE Technologies and AWS are combining the strength of location technology with leading cloud and IT services to address location-related challenges in the supply chain and logistics industry worldwide.

HERE, the world's leading location data and technology platform offers enterprise-grade map data with more detail, accuracy and flexibility to build better fleet management and supply chain solutions. AWS, a known leader in transportation and logistics delivers world-class infrastructure that shifts businesses to the data-driven cloud on a global scale. The security and stability of AWS servers give logistics companies the reliability they need to grow.

Together, HERE and AWS power leading transportation and logistics applications, boosting shipment and asset visibility, optimizing first to last mile deliveries and creating next-generation supply chain solutions.

2024 tech trends in transportation and logistics

2024 tech trends in transportation and logistics

Gain insights into the advancements in real-time supply chain visibility and find out where there is still room for improvement.

HERE & AWS joint solutions

People on the stairs

HERE and Amazon Location Service

With the integration of our location data we support enterprise customers and developers in use cases with precision and relevance at their core.


HERE on AWS Marketplace

Making it easy for developers to access enterprise-grade location intelligence and deploy natively on the AWS Cloud.

Stack of Servers

HERE on AWS Serverless

AWS serverless customers have access to market-leading location services from HERE, including Maps, Positioning, Traffic and much more.

Customer stories powered by HERE & AWS


Holcim uses location to improve safety and sustainability

Discover how the global leader in building materials and solutions created faster and more efficient concrete delivery.

With HERE we have a partner on board who is able to provide mapping and navigation services across our global footprint.

Philipp Leutiger

Chief Digital Officer, Holcim


Rastret thumbnail

Now we can improve the delivery experience

Read how HERE navigation tools enabled Rastret's software to plan smart routes and expand the pool of potential drivers for small and mid-size logistics companies.

I am really impressed by the flexibility of HERE’s products. They save us a lot of work because they are ready-made solutions and we can focus on implementation.

Miguel Loya

CTO, Rastret


Vodafone & Porsche

Vehicle-to-vehicle hazard warning

HERE, Vodafone and Porsche partner on real-time warning system.

If cars warn each other about hazards in real time, ­human lives can be saved

Michael Reinartz

Director of Innovation, Vodafone Germany



ADAS & HAD Ford-Customer stories

Giving drivers early warning of danger around the corner

Together with Ford, we deliver a warning system to create awareness for upcoming road hazards.

This is a significant step forward. Warnings are specific, relevant and tailored to try to help improve your specific journey

Joerg Beyer

Executive Director, Engineering, Ford, Europe


NIRA Dynamics

Creating the next level of mobility

Watch how NIRA Dynamics utilizes the growing HERE ecosystem by reaching out to a larger audience.

We can make use of the vast network of customers that HERE has from the beginning.

Johan Brynas

CPO, NIRA Dynamics



Providing 5G-enabled collision avoidance

Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband capabilities, combined with HERE HD Live Map and Live Sense SDK, help warn vehicles about potential collisions.

By harnessing the power of Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband and 5G Edge, along with HERE's proprietary 3D positioning algorithms, we are driving together toward a safer and more precise future.

Laura Cochran

Head of Product, Verizon Location Technology



Mercedes Benz DRIVE PILOT

Mercedes-Benz deploys HERE HD Live Map for DRIVE PILOT system

HERE is among the world's first companies to provide an HD map for commercial production vehicles with Level 3 automated driving capabilities.

This enables us to give our customers back one of the most precious things in life: time – combined with a luxurious driving experience.

Georges Massing

Vice President MBOS: Automated Driving, Powernet & Integration E/E, Mercedes-Benz AG



SameDay van


HERE and SameDay leverage advanced on-demand tour planning to perform on-demand same- or next day last mile delivery planning.

METRO Digital

Automating tour planning for faster delivery

Read about how HERE Tour Planning allowed to achieve operational efficiency, flexibility and continual business innovation to increase customer satisfaction by 13%, increase fleet planning automation by 37% and enable late orders.

HERE offers the most comprehensive solution in the market, especially considering how many countries we operate in.

Robert Vilcea

Product Manager at

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