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HERE ranked as top location platform by TechInsights

HERE ranks as the #1 location platform once again
2 August 2023
  • Analyst firm places HERE ahead of Google, TomTom and MapBox in its annual benchmark report of global location platform companies

Industry analysts at TechInsights, formerly Strategy Analytics, have recognized HERE Technologies as the top-rated location platform. The annual benchmarking report of the world’s largest location companies ranks HERE, Google, Mapbox and TomTom across seven categories.  

TechInsights ranks HERE in this year’s report as the leader in map-making, map freshness, automotive location services, and vision and growth leadership. HERE also co-led this year’s rankings in the developer community and environmental sustainability categories.

Nitesh Patel, Director, TechInsights, commented: “Since TechInsight’s last location benchmark report, there has been considerable innovation in the map-making and maintenance process across all the major competitors. Our research indicates HERE continues to drive market innovation and stands out as an overall leader. The company is focused on next-generation map making and maintenance, servicing the automotive market and addressing a range of critical enterprise use cases.”

HERE honored for map-making innovation and strength across its automotive portfolio

TechInsights highlights in this year’s benchmark report the vision of HERE to provide customers across the automotive, transport and logistics, and mobility sectors a platform with pioneering location data capabilities, flexibility and control. The analyst firm sees this year’s introduction of UniMap, the company’s new map-making technology, as a critical boost for HERE. TechInsights also singles out the mapping-as-a-service capability offered by HERE to customers as unique within the industry.

In automotive, TechInights identifies HERE as a clear leader with strong market penetration across standard and high-definition mapping, vehicle navigation, electric vehicle (EV) services, advanced driver assistance and automated driving systems. In addition, HERE is recognized for its “unrivalled dominance” in supporting OEMs to meet the EU’s intelligent speed assistance (ISA) regulation.

TechInsights notes that, as of today, 34 million vehicles have shipped with HERE maps use for automated driving, with the HERE HD Live Map underpinning the SAE L2+ capabilities of the BMW 7 Series, available in North America (and soon in Germany) as well as the SAE L3 DrivePilot system of Mercedes-Benz.

HERE shown to have broadest set of SDKs and APIs while making continuous progress on tools for sustainability

For software development, the benchmark report emphasizes the HERE platform as open and flexible, providing developers with highly customisable and off-the-shelf solutions. Within the industry, HERE offers the broadest range of enterprise-grade application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs) for developers to build compelling applications across industries.

In addition, HERE is recognized for its efforts to place environmental sustainability at the heart of its operations and the progress it made in this regard during 2022. As outlined it its latest annual Sustainability Report, HERE committed to reaching a net-zero emissions target by 2035 and to further integrating ESG objectives throughout the business strategy and operations. 

“We are proud to be recognized as the number one location platform. It’s a testament to every team at HERE and their efforts to deliver our customers across industries with best-in-class products and services,” said Denise Doyle, Chief Data Officer and interim co-CEO at HERE Technologies. “This is a pivotal year. With the introduction of HERE UniMap, we are entering the next generation of map-making capabilities. This new technology revolutionizes how maps are created, updated and used, opening up exciting new opportunities for any business building location-aware applications.”

TechInsights evaluated and scored HERE, Google, TomTom and Mapbox on the following categories: map-making and freshness, automotive location services, non-automotive location services, developer community, map and data visualization, vision and growth leadership, and environmental sustainability. The full report can be found at

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