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HERE ranks as the #1 location platform once again

HERE remains a leading choice for businesses worldwide in the TechInsights 2023 Location Platform Benchmarking Report.

HERE ranks as the #1 location platform once again

What makes HERE the #1 location platform?

TechInsights' latest benchmark report confirms that HERE continues to dominate the global location industry across several key areas:

  • Map-making and freshness: Assessing capabilities in creating accurate and up-to-date maps
  • Meeting industry needs: Evaluating the ability to match the requirements of both automotive and non-automotive sectors
  • Visualization ability for developers: Analyzing visualization tools and technologies targeting developers
  • Driving sustainability: Examining the commitment to sustainability practices and initiatives
HERE ranks as the #1 location platform once again

Build better solutions with a platform you can trust

HERE is a leader in map-making, automotive and industry growth vision, scoring highly in non-automotive, developer community and visualization. The key pillars of HERE's growth strategy remain partnerships, an open and multi-platform approach and innovation.

Find out why HERE ranked #1 once more