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At CES 2022 HERE demonstrates how location intelligence powers the future of driving

HERE Technologies
CES 2022
3 January 2022
  • HERE HD Live Map deployed in Mercedes-Benz DRIVE PILOT automated driving system.
  • 8 out of 9 major automakers choose HERE ISA Map to support EU Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) mandate.
  • HERE supplies next-generation navigation software to multiple global automotive OEMs.
  • HERE real-time traffic data, hazard warnings and connected vehicle services powered by anonymized sensor data from 30 million connected vehicles in 2022.


As self-driving cars develop, connected vehicle technology and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are paving the way to increases in road safety, driver comfort and vehicle routing optimization.

HERE Technologies, the leading provider of location content and software to the global automotive industry, demonstrates this year at CES 2022 its cross-industry collaboration to accelerate road safety and the steps toward a fully connected, electric and automated vehicle experience. 

Prior CES hype cycles and timelines for fully autonomous vehicles have given way to readily deployable connected car and ADAS technologies.

Mercedes-Benz utilizes HERE HD Map in automated DRIVE PILOT system

HERE is among the world’s first companies to provide an HD map for commercial production vehicles with Level 3 automated driving capabilities. HERE recently celebrated the regulatory approval of Mercedes-Benz’s DRIVE PILOT system with the HERE HD Live Map onboard for use on public roads in Germany.

The cloud-based HERE HD Live Map enables an automated vehicle to effectively “see around corners” by delivering the vehicle system, in advance, with precise information about the road network and rules of the road (including detailed lane level data, road and intersection geometry, signage and driving restrictions). In combination with the input from the vehicle sensors the HD map data is used by the DRIVE PILOT to maneuver a vehicle on the public road network.

HERE has built one of the world’s largest enterprise-grade location data platforms. The company has captured and indexed the world’s road networks and urban environments, creating highly accurate, two-and-three dimensional maps from thousands of data sources. The HERE location platform offers software developers and the global automotive industry a one-stop shop for all location data, services and software.

HERE and vast majority of global automakers working to implement Intelligence Speed Assistance mandate from European Union

Starting in July 2022, all new-model passenger and commercial vehicles introduced in the EU need to be equipped with Intelligence Speed Assistance (ISA). ISA is an in-vehicle feature helping drivers acknowledge and comply with legal speed limits on any given road.

The recently introduced HERE ISA Map provides fresh and accurate speed limit information, with comprehensive coverage across the globe. HERE has agreements with all but one of the major nine global automotive brands on the EU market for the provision of ISA information to their vehicles. These agreements will see HERE deliver speed limit information to an estimated 20 million vehicles across the EU by 2024 and forecasted at 50 million vehicles by 2027. This provides the company with unique access to data sources and the base to maintain speed limit information at very high quality and freshness, allowing customers to comply with regulatory quality requirements.

HERE supplies next-generation navigation software to multiple global auto OEMs

At CES 2022, HERE is showcasing HERE Navigation, a complete, next-generation and cloud-centric embedded navigation solution for passenger cars, electrical vehicles, commercial vehicles and trucks. HERE Navigation delivers a premium navigation feature set with an easy to customize user experience (UX), utilizing cloud technology to deliver always-fresh maps and the flexible deployment of new features, including 3rd party services, into the car.

Since these products were announced, seven OEMs have chosen HERE Navigation or HERE SDK as the navigation solution for their new platform. At CES this week, the company will announce the utilization of HERE Navigation by global electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers.

The HERE Navigation application is built on top of the HERE SDK Navigate Edition, which can also be used by OEMs who choose to build their own user experience.

In 2022, HERE platform to ingest data points from 30+ million connected vehicles to power its ADAS, connected and automated vehicle services

Across the globe today, more than 150 million vehicles and 50 OEM brands use technology from HERE. In 2022, though its multiple automotive, telematics and fleet partners, the HERE platform is set to ingest data points from 30+ million connected vehicles to power its ADAS, connected and automated vehicle services. 

Path planning for automated vehicles, delivering as much “foresight” to a vehicle in advance, is critical to overall safety and passenger comfort. HERE Lanes enhances ADAS features with precise lane topology, geometry and attribute data, such as the rules of the road, vehicle height restrictions, lane count and centerline, direction of travel, and more.

Live tests conducted by VSI Labs show how HERE lane-level data and vehicle sensors work in tandem to increase the performance and safety of ADAS features. For example, HERE Lanes improves the functioning of ADAS Lane Keep Assist when lane lines merge onto highways or intersections, or when optical sensors onboard have limited visibility due to fog, rain or snow.

HERE partners with Vexcel Imaging to keep the HERE Map fresh

HERE has struck a data acquisition partnership with Vexcel Imaging, the industry leader in aerial data, to provide highly accurate aerial imagery for the U.S. and Western Europe. By extracting upwards of 390 different map attributes (POIs, landmarks, traffic furniture, etc.) from Vexcel’s aerial data mosaics, HERE continues to make advancements in mapmaking and automation to keep the industry’s leading HERE platform fresh.

Spatial intelligence at the foundation of connected, electric and automated driving

“The waves of innovation flowing through the global automotive industry have delivered remarkable advancements in connected, electric and automated vehicle technologies,” said Edzard Overbeek, CEO at HERE Technologies. “HERE is proud to be delivering for our many OEM partners the location data, services and software required for today and tomorrow’s vehicle systems through the best SD, ADAS and HD map attributes globally.”

Join HERE virtually during CES 2022. The HERE experience will be made available through the CTA’s digital platform and at:

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