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Introducing HERE WeGo, the ultimate urban mobility companion

2016-07-27/01 - Introducing HERE WeGo, the ultimate urban mobility companion
Berlin, Germany
27 July 2016

Berlin, Germany – HERE, the location cloud company, today introduced the mobile trip companion HERE WeGo. The app is designed to simplify urban mobility by making it on-demand, personal and stress-free. It offers people on the go an overview of different transport options to get around the city and reach their destination the way that best fits their needs.

“Today people have more choices than ever to reach their destination – from public transit to bike, taxi to car sharing and more. HERE WeGo brings them into one place and provides users with flexible, end-to-end options for their journeys, easily comparable to make individual choices. Ultimately, HERE WeGo is the only app people need to get around the city”, said Leon van de Pas, Senior Vice President, Internet of Things at HERE.

Centered around route planning and giving directions, HERE WeGo covers every part of people’s journeys from start to finish, including parking suggestions and walking directions for the last mile. Its features include:

  • voice-guided, turn-by-turn drive and pedestrian navigation for more than 130 countries, with or without an internet connection
  • public transport information for more than 1,200 cities around the world
  • bike routing
  • car-sharing options, starting with Car2Go integration
  • nearby taxi stands and car parks
  • one-step comparison for different options to get around the city
  • cost and travel time estimates
  • live traffic in 55 countries
  • maps for more than 150 countries available to download and use offline for greater reliability.

"With HERE WeGo HERE is going beyond turn-by-turn navigation and embracing mobility in all its forms by integrating new modes of transportation and providing a clean interface for users to choose the best option for a route. In addition to being a one-stop shop for users and their transportation needs, HERE WeGo is also a tool for mobility providers to reach a growing user base which relies on HERE to provide the best all-encompassing transportation options available. With HERE WeGo, HERE has laid the foundation to be an attractive service provider and transportation platform for users and partners alike”, said Gerrit Schneemann, Senior Analyst, Mobile Media, IHS Markit.

HERE WeGo represents an evolution of HERE Maps with a clearer focus on mobility options in the city. It is available for free in the Google Play Store and the Apple AppStore and will replace HERE Maps with the latest update.

While at start HERE WeGo on Android will have a fuller feature set than on iOS, more features as well as additional mobility options will be added in the coming weeks and months. Coverage for taxi and car-sharing will vary from city to city and in the case of Car2Go will reflect its respective city coverage; it will also be continuously expanded over time.

To learn more about HERE WeGo, including an interview with Patrick Weissert, Director, Consumer at HERE read our official blog, HERE 360.

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