Effortless urban navigation

Navigating an urban environment can be complex when you're trying to get from Point A to Point B. How do you choose the best route to take, how do you best balance convenience, time and cost? Consumers need an on-the-go resource that connects all modes of transportation to get to their destination on time and without hassle.

HERE Technologies has created a truly comprehensive mobility app that can help provide complete transportation options and navigation guidance. Consumers get instant access to offline maps for more than 110 countries, public transit information for more than 1,300 cities and 3D indoor maps for thousands of shopping malls, airports and sports venues. And, HERE WeGo is just as useful on a desktop.

Product benefits

With more ways to get around, more accurate and complete guidance, and more coverage for countries around the world, HERE WeGo is the only app you need to get around any city.

    • The HERE benefits

      Comprehensive information

      HERE WeGo gives users all transit options in one place. There’s no need to swap between apps.

    • Discover the HERE benefits

      Detailed routes

      HERE WeGo’s route overview shows you every step of your journey, including where to change trains and walking directions - right to your destination.

    • Discover the HERE benefits

      Live updates

      HERE WeGo knows about traffic and train delays ahead of time to beat the jam and stay moving. See live traffic information in 63 countries, along with details of road construction and incidents.

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HERE WeGo: Effortless city navigation

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The possibilities are endless. Download the App for your device and gain instant access to maps for more than 110 countries, public transit info for more than 1300 cities and 3D indoor maps for thousands of shopping malls and airports.

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