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HERE and Colorado Department of Transportation announce first of its kind connected vehicle project in North America

2016-01-12/01 - HERE and Colorado Department of Transportation announce first of its kind connected vehicle project in North America
Denver, CO
12 January 2016

HERE, a leader in mapping and location technology, and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) announced today the first cellular network-based connected vehicle alert system in North America.

At the forefront of Intelligent Transportation Systems, the project aims to help maximize driver safety and roadway efficiency along one of the most challenging roads in the United States. The I-70 Mountain Corridor links Denver to Colorado’s world-class resorts and mountains. Every year, millions of travelers face extreme weather, high altitude driving and significant congestion, costing billions in lost time and revenue.

“As vehicles share safety hazards in near real time via cellular networks and with the HERE location cloud, the I-70 Mountain Pilot will transform data into intelligence, helping vehicles safely and more efficiently get to their destination,” said CDOT Executive Director Shailen Bhatt.

CDOT plans to leverage the HERE Location Cloud and Digital Transportation Infrastructure solution (DTI), on the RoadX Connected Vehicle pilot to connect vehicles, smartphones and other devices, road infrastructure and traffic management centers. Utilizing existing cellular networks, the HERE Location Cloud, along with DTI are capable of ingesting, analyzing, and distributing highly accurate, safety critical information such as accidents or extreme weather to the right people at the right time. The HERE platform is interoperable, which will enable seamless data sharing with CDOT, and is optimized for the continued integration of data generated by a vehicle’s on-board sensors and the surrounding road infrastructure.

The collaboration with HERE is the first industry announced by CDOT following the launch of their RoadX program in October with US Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx.

“HERE is proud to work with the Colorado Department of Transportation as we lead the way in turning the promise of connected vehicle technology into reality. We have designed an interoperable platform that today allows an efficient low latency data exchange, where connected vehicles can transmit and receive localized information on road conditions for the safety and benefit of the driver,” said George Filley, Global Head of Digital Transportation Infrastructure at HERE.

The I-70 Mountain Pilot builds on HERE’s work with the Finnish Transport Agency’s Nordic Way project, which was the first deployment of HERE DTI in support of C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems) based on the Location Cloud capabilities in conjunction with cellular networks. With the successful completion of phase one, transportation agencies can see a path to solving many challenges without additional costly roadside infrastructure. HERE is also working with the Dutch government to deploy a similar ITS program in the Netherlands.

“RoadX efforts like the collaboration with HERE are investments that we believe are smart with our taxpayer dollars,” added Bhatt. “It is an investment in our time as commuters, our bottom lines as businesses and our lives as travelers on our roadways. It is time for our state to take the leading role in a major innovation in travel and in Colorado’s economic future.”

CDOT will be seeking approximately 1000 vehicles to participate in the pilot which will begin its first phase during the 2016-2017 winter ski season.

"The innovative RoadX project will demonstrate how available cellular technology can be used to address real challenges in transportation. It is a very astute decision by CDOT to deliver these critical driver alerts at a fraction of the cost compared to a DSRC-based connected vehicle implementation,” said Praveen Chandrasekar, an automotive and transportation industry analyst at global research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. “HERE is a recognized leader in the marketplace, and their ITS projects throughout the world are helping to lay the foundation for the future of traffic management and connected vehicle technology.”

To read an interview with CDOT Executive Director Bhatt and learn more about the project, be sure to click here.

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