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Jaguar Land Rover chooses HERE to navigate the future

2015-04-08/01 - Jaguar Land Rover chooses HERE to navigate the future
Berlin, Germany
4 August 2015

Berlin, Germany - Last week's New York Auto Show saw the launch of the all-new Jaguar XF, the most connected Jaguar yet and the first to offer Jaguar's innovative InControl Touch Pro Infotainment System.

With decades of experience in developing location services for the automotive and consumer industries, HERE was a natural choice for Jaguar Land Rover to collaborate with for InControl Touch Pro. As a leader in navigation, mapping and location experiences, HERE integrated intelligent location technologies for the system, as well as for Jaguar's smartphone companion apps, giving drivers the smartest guidance experiences available.

Built on the HERE Auto platform, the InControl Touch Pro Infotainment System reimagines what's possible with connected car technology, with the most comprehensive set of driver-focused location services across multiple screens. With InControl Touch Pro, Jaguar XF drivers have a car that learns their commuting patterns and preferences over time, combining that knowledge with live information from the vehicle and its environment to deliver real-time and relevant information at the right moment.

"Today's drivers want more than standard navigation or a way-finding app," said Floris van de Klashorst, vice president of Connected Driving at HERE. "Together with Jaguar Land Rover, we have developed a guidance system that we believe stands out in the industry. It combines the intuitiveness of a smartphone with the benefits of being deeply integrated into the car, with the result being an experience that we believe drivers will enjoy day in, day out."

A new, more personal approach evolves from navigation to guidance

HERE Auto takes a new approach to guidance, going beyond navigation to give a personalised experience that intuitively guides drivers through their entire journey, both inside and outside the car. A continuous connection to the HERE location cloud enables InControl Touch Pro to anticipate drivers' needs, solving many of the challenges - from the complex to the mundane - that they face on every drive.

From planning to parking in one easy step

In the new Jaguar XF, the system actively syncs information from the driver's smartphone companion app or computer to the car, so they only have to enter a route once for the whole journey. Drivers can plan a trip at home and the route automatically shows up when they turn on the system in the car. If they make a spontaneous stop along the way, the system intuitively knows to keep routing to the final destination when they get back in the car.

The connection to HERE's location cloud means that as drivers near the end of their journey, the screen switches to approach mode, showing a street level view of their destination and one-touch options to find an available parking space. Images for the street level view and for the maps used by InControl Touch Pro are gathered and constantly updated by HERE's worldwide fleet of data collection vehicles. And when drivers park and leave the car, the journey continues on the smartphone companion app to get them to their final destination.

A car that learns your drives

In addition to the customisable home screens which InControl Touch Pro offers on its 10.2" touch screen, HERE Auto technology allows the Jaguar XF to learn driving routines over time, whether daily commutes, school drop- offs or regular pit stops. With personalized profiles, drivers can also customize one-touch recommendations for preferred fuel brands or other favourite destinations.

Traffic? We may have found the answer

A connection to live traffic information through the HERE location cloud means that InControl Touch Pro will automatically suggest alternative routes to avoid delays. HERE aggregates and analyses traffic data to reflect real-world road conditions, from sources including live probes, fixed sensors, government data and more than a trillion historical traffic records. With HERE's traffic data, Jaguar XF drivers can get to their destination faster and more efficiently.

Using HERE Auto technology means that InControl Touch Pro can offer in-car services once possible only on smartphones, such as sharing an estimated time of arrival with another person with just one touch. If the driver should later encounter traffic, the system automatically sends an updated ETA to the other person.

Connecting the car with the world outside

InControl Touch Pro is integrated with the Jaguar XF's in-car sensors and connected to the HERE location cloud. If they are low on fuel, drivers get suggestions for the nearest fuel stations from their favourite brand, or with the lowest prices to fill up at.

"Jaguar Land Rover understands that consumer devices have rapidly changed driver expectations so they turned to HERE for our deep experience in providing solutions for automotive and consumers," said Bruno Bourguet, senior vice president of Sales and Business Development at HERE. "As the only company that can deliver end-to- end connected driving services on a global scale, we are proud to continue our long term relationship with Jaguar Land Rover and enable their drivers to enjoy great experiences inside and outside of their cars."

"The automotive industry's focus must expand from the connected vehicle to the connected driver and ultimately to the connected customer," said Thilo Koslowski, Vice President and Automotive Practice Leader at Gartner. "Automotive market leaders will create a smart, cloud-based and cross-platform offering to provide customers with a seamless digital content experience across all of their devices, including the car."

For more information, please visit the HERE 360 blog.

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