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Telecom & Utilities


Boost operational and performance efficiency


Meet growing demands

The utility sector is evolving rapidly to meet the demands of consumers and businesses, and providers must stay agile and effective to succeed in the future. HERE enables you to work smarter with location-driven geospatial insights into field workforce, asset management and customers. 

Our solutions increase workforce productivity by reducing schedule lag and speeding up collaboration processes. In addition, you can more easily maintain assets and equipment for safety, compliance and financial reasons. When it comes to driving business, HERE enables you to analyze customer behavior to enhance business performance and create valuable consumer experiences.

Enhancing efficiency

workers in safety gear on crane

Streamline the workforce

HERE helps make workforces smarter, faster and more efficient. Identify faults, reoccurring maintenance tasks and outages through the visualization of location and ensure the right people can solve them.

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Optimize asset management

HERE provides insight into the location of fixed assets or resources, allowing you to identify critical areas and prioritize maintenance. Rich topographical insights help inform upgrades of legacy networks.

man working at computer with customer satisfaction data on screens

Boost customer satisfaction

From identifying new segments to evaluating forecast models, HERE helps you understand and interact with customers on a deeper level, and create more meaningful experiences that drive revenue.

two electric cars using ev charging stations

Understand electric vehicles

HERE helps you understand electric vehicle demand and take advantage of new opportunities. Leverage real-time vehicle-side data, visualize charging potential, gain a better view of assets, and drive operational and customer outcomes

Ovum Location Platform Index 2019

The relative strengths and weaknesses of each location vendor including data, enablers and features, and why HERE cements its position as the location industry leader.

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Success Stories

Plugging into electric vehicles facts and fears

With countries like India, France and Britain swearing off the sale of gasoline and diesel cars within 25 years, we’re cruising toward electric-car fueled roads. Prevalent as the vehicles are soon-to-become though, they still remain a mystery to most.

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people on bus using HERE Routing on their phones
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Flat angle Amsterdam parked-car charging station

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