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Helping publishers better understand their audiences


Getting closer to audiences

Why publishers are turning to HERE

In the age of GDPR, publishers must offer compelling and delightful experiences that give consumers a reason to share their location information. Location allows publishers to deliver more relevant and valuable ads, and drive next-gen interactions that take place both indoors and outdoors. 

HERE enhances the entire advertising campaign process – from audience segmentation to targeting and measurement. We enable publishers to work more efficiently, with greater precision, and to a higher degree of success. 

Key differentiators

Gain your edge

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Deliver meaningful content

Understand and reach a precise local audience or give local context to end-users. HERE location solutions provide more context to specific locations, so you can capitalize on your audience’s needs.

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Rich, broad location data

Empower your mobile, web and desktop applications with HERE location data. Bring context to your users and offer actionable insights into targeting, segmenting and measuring audiences.

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Compelling ad creative

With HERE, you can craft more delightful experiences for consumers that incite action. Put location at the heart of your campaign creative and route your audience to that weekend sale.

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Success Stories

Tencent, owner of WeChat and QQ, selects HERE as global provider of map data

Tencent, one of the world's biggest online service providers, has selected HERE Technologies as their main provider of global map content and places information. HERE will power the Tencent mapping platform that supports all their products and services, including WeChat and QQ.

Location data improves advertising efficiency

Discover how HERE can help you address the problem of inaccurate location data.

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Products for Publishers

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Location Services


Smart location context that takes advertising campaigns to the next level

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HERE Product Suite

Location Services

Intelligent location services for better decisions

Tracking and Positioning

HERE Positioning

Accurately track people, devices and things with or without GPS

Make the switch

Choose location services from HERE to gain your edge in the market.