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5G Network Planning

Maximize your return on infrastructure investments with hyper-precise 3D geolocation data. Digitize your network planning, design and deployment.

Make cost-effective planning decisions confidently with submeter geometric and geospatial precision coverage

Manage and maintain your infrastructure assets efficiently

The digitization of infrastructure and the success of smart cities rely on the ability to accurately assess the cost/benefit ratio of infrastructure investments.

Gain insights and access to the tools you need. Maximize your return on infrastructure investments with our extensive portfolio and marketplace of location content.

Planning teams can create a digital twin of highway, railroad or EV charging system using our advanced location technology. Identify sites for new infrastructure projects or a potential cell site location to monitor and improve safety and performance.

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Lower network design time up to 25%

Shave thousands of dollars from your project budget by assessing potential sites digitally, speeding up completion time.

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Accurately assess for market investment

Determine your project's market feasibility with location intelligence, specialized software and third-party complex datasets.

Data ownership

Significantly improve your project ROI

Analyze thousands of project sites in minutes and cost-effectively manage your fixed assets with high geospatial accuracy.

Improve your network planning at every stage

Market analysis

Select top areas for 5G network investment and compare competitive offerings, including the strongest signal and overall performance. Identify ideal deployment options with location intelligence and cellular network data.

erson on a computer using network planning tools for network planning, site selection and wireless network planning.
Key products

Site selection

Pinpoint and assess suitable cell site candidate locations from the convenience and safety of your desk. Reduce planning errors, time spent in field and deployment budget.

Key products

RF propagation & line-of-sight modeling

Optimize coverage and performance with accurate line-of-sight and RF propagation analysis. Account for signal blockage and determine the best antenna placement when using HERE Geodata Models along with network planning design software tools.

Three people outside using a mobile phone powered by cellular network planning, network optimization and location data.
Key products

Network optimization

Monitor your mobile network to improve coverage and service quality. Enhance your data analytics with superior 2D and 3D location data.

Discover our powerful platform tools

See how our platform tools can help you plan your network.

HERE Workspace

Create, develop and scale location-centric data assets and services in one, secure environment.

HERE Marketplace

License, exchange or monetize your assets such as data, services, SDKs, algorithms and apps from trusted sources.

HERE Studio

Edit data in real-time to create maps faster and run large datasets in the cloud for instant viewing.

Unlock the transformative power of 5G networks

Learn how to solve the technical and business challenges of 5G network planning and maximize the 5G potential with HERE Geodata Models.

An eBook discussing 5G network planning, 5 infrastructure, 5G solutions and telecom solutions.

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